Story List and biography for Giles Ryan
El Viejo
Ferry Ghat
The Boldest Birds
The Witness Tree
Portrait of a Young Woman - July 17, 1793
White Envelope
La Belle Irelandaise
Together Again
Crossing Over

Old Friends Old Letters
The Successful Writer
The Chunchon Road
Spring 1970
Summer 1970
Autumn 1971
Winter 1971

Photo courtesy of the author.
Photo courtesy of the author.

Giles Ryan graduated from William & Mary in Virginia, then went to Korea in the Peace Corps in 1970, serving as a school teacher. Then he worked for American companies for many years in Korea, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Japan until returning to work in the U.S. He retired several years ago and now lives near Seattle with his wife, with whom he shares the joys of two sons and four grandsons. 

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