Story List and Biography
Richard Bishop

Fleeting Nostalgia
Just Eighteen and the World Comes
CrashingDown Around Your Ears
Birdshot Buck
Looking Smart In College
Pamplona, U.S.A.

A Person Ought To Have A Dream
You Don't Know About Lonely
We Got The Juice (Where It Was Needed)
Trouble In River City
Buttered Rice
Out West

Early Soccer
The Night That The Franklin Died
On the Importance of Not Deserting Your Post, or Why I Did Not Become An Actor
Notes on the Nippur Expeditions of the University of Pennsylvania

My Friend Duane
Dueling Banjos
Elmer's Tune
Blue-eyed Soul
Odds and Ends
Deer Hunting Tales
Up, Up Over The Alps

My Uncle Edd, Captain, USAAF
Drones for People
How I Became a Dilettante
The Uncanny Tension of Research
The Yellow Sea Incident
The Chachapoya Culture
How I Became A Writer Of True Stories
The Emigration to the USA of One of the Biggest Biplanes in the World
Gunfighter Tales
The Big Country

Harvesting Trilogy

Part Two - Siloing: Corn 
Part Three - Haying: Alfalfa

My Military Life Series 

Part One - Enjoying Asia
Part Two - TALLEY HO - THE BOXes

Richard Bishop, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.), lives with his wife Elfi in Munich, Germany. He retired as a REGULAR Officer in 1976 after 25 years of Military service in the Comptroller field.

Richard has a collection of his stories available in book form at Amazon.  Click here to visit the information page for Out Of Kalamazoo County.  You may just decide to buy the book!

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