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Djurica Radmila

1993/94 - about 3 years spent in Belgrade’s small Left Theatre, for which I can provide my diploma for completion of an acting course.

1994-1996 - journalist in small periodical with Captain Dragan Foundation, humanity Foundation in Belgrade, translating articles from English magazines to Serbian for publication in Prozor Magazine.

Oldy, A Cat Story
The Odyssey Of Challenge
Sexy City
Damn That Radio Song
Hairy Monster
Ghost House
Perfect Sex
1997 - Work in British time-share company "Pueblo Evita" as rep, selling timeshares in Spain to Yugoslav clients, dealing directly with British management.

1998 - 6 month season in Greece, working for the US American Sport and Communication Agency Remark as a children’s animator, entertaining British and Dutch tourists in luxury hotels in the Greek Islands. As this was mostly an entertainer’s job, I had to take a specialised training course in Belgrade, for which I can provide a copy of the diploma received, together with references from British families.

1999 - journalist for Belgrade’s independent Tiker Press Agency providing the agency with cultural and economic news, including pieces from the Belgrade International Film Festival. These included reviews of British and US American films, as well as interviews with Australian actor Hugo Weaving, British actor/director Andrew Goth and film producer Simon Perry.

While with the agency, I also undertook training with a view to becoming London correspondent, but this was ruled out after the NATO bombing attacks.

I am currently working freelance, with articles published in British Sunday and daily newspapers and in Woman Abroad magazine, including an article entitled "Bitef Festival-The Curtain is Rising" which can be read at

Other publication credits:

"Bounds Green Campus", in the book "Nature’s Echoes" in the USA.

"love you" in the coffe table book publication Spring 2002. "Under a Quicksilver Moon".

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