Ghost House 

Djurica Radmila

© Copyright 2002 by Djurica Radmila

We had so much fun on the train. Three of us. I have never met Sandra’s parents and her boyfriend at the time insisted me coming along. It was hot summer day. We were approaching to the house slowly, walking beside the main road as we got off the train. Ordinary village houses and ordinary village people inhabited left side of the road. Huge luxury houses of people who are usually living and working abroad inhabited right side. As we turned an other right I immediately noticed very unusual house that we going to spend night in. The house itself has been either a monstrosity or a thing of wonder beauty, depending on how much you cared for the appearance. At first glance I hated it. It was as simple a structure as possible. But not that huge comparing with some houses around, no question of that. Not so many windows gave evidence to it real contain. But the house itself was just an enormous square, relieved only by two windows. The setting sun touched some of the upper windows, making them seem like blood-red eyes. Sandra’s parents were housekeeping this building, as the real owners lived in abroad. They have been given this house as a gift to live in for free, since they are refugees from Bosnia. Really, it looked as if it could swallow you all up.

Dinner began on a strange note. I liked her parents; they were lovely people, kind-a depressing at the time. They said nothing leaving us to spend evening and night there. At first, we were watching TV. Atmosphere inside was horrible; it felt like you were sitting in the tomb, not in the house. We had not enough air, so we opened everything that could be open. No use; non-of us couldn’t sit still, literally choking in the room, leaving outside every 15 minutes because we couldn’t breathe properly. Even if we would sit still, the army of flies would land on us, and invasion of ugly insects confirming the invent about to happen. The house presented truly an immense structure that undoubtedly held a labyrinth of rather small rooms. It striked midnight, when I went to my room. The only room with the big window wide open, and I must say healthier one. As I turned the light out and lay down, I could feel the army of flies landing back to every uncover piece of my skin. It freaked me out completely though I had no idea at the time what exactly scared me that much. All I could feel was my beating heart, and my own whispering tries to calm myself down. I didn’t knew what is wrong with me, but something made me jump and turn back the light and loud music even if I was sleepy enough. After the while, the flies began to be unbearable, I had to take the thinner sheet possible to find, get it wet and cover myself completely. Inside of the house was boiling hot, but outside dark and windy. The summer storm began. I went outside, and even if all that I could hear : wind and moving cornfield behind the house, I started to get frighten more and more. Soon, going out stop to be the solution, because I had feeling that made me calmer only if I would stay in my room, on that racked bed. I had the feeling that something horrible waited for me outside and inside the house, feeling trapped like an animal in the cage. Yet, I heard the noise in the room next door. This room had the huge window, but this window, for some reason had been concerted. Unable to see in the dark, if someone had been there I could do little about it. However I heard someone using the bar, cheering with glasses, I heard jingle and I said,

"Having fun without me, ER?"

Than I pressed the switch to turn on the light. The room was empty; no one was there. I examined the back door, found it bolted from inside. Than, I tried an other door, it led me into a large living room where my friends were just making a passionate love. I felt embarrassed by the feeling that I wanted to join them, even if they were busy and increasing embarrassment for interrupting such a private moments. By than, I was so scared still not knowing why.

"I saw nothing, I overheard something, it was nothing, really, just a wind." I said to myself.

Yet this house was unhealthy, something was wrong, my heart was beating like crazy. I couldn’t stay in the room keeping the candle lit to Sandra’s most private moments, so I went back to my room. That was the only room with the light and music on. Her parents were sleeping in the little house next to us, not knowing what was wrong, if anything was wrong at all. At least that was what I thought. I locked the door, on my coming back to my room, turning the key so it couldn’t be dislodged and used to gain entrance. The locked door gave me not much sense of security, however because I somehow knew that there had to be some alternative way to enter and leave this suite of rooms for certain forms. Yet somehow I didn’t noticed the intruder who’d paid me a silent visit. I did, however dread another encounter with who ever had tried to invade me. The flies were unbearable; I was staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what was wrong. Soon the noise started again. Outside was wind, and as soon as I got up I saw the hand, a palm on the window from the outside and heard someone’s palm pressing loudly on the window. Even that thunders lightening was strongly repeating it’s flashy light, I could clearly see and hear someone from the outside. I calmed myself believing that Sandra’s parents got up and were trying to tell us something."It might be much easier in company ", I was thinking feeling relieved. So, I went out like a fury. There was no one outside. As I walked out, I was feeling prickles of fear edging along my spine, thinking that there is nothing to fear about and that I was imagining. So, I knocked on the door where Sandra’s parents lived and my mitten hands felt as if they’d break glass from the impact. No one answered so I tried the knob. It took both my freezing hands to turn it. A gust of warm wind took the door from my hands and blew it open, fighting the wind as I forced the door shut. I leaned weakly against it for a few moments while I regained my breath. Then I called out, but there was no answer. Nor did I expect there would be. People were sleeping soundly. Of course, there was no one out there. What I was taking that day? I was taking no alcohol, no drugs, nothing, in fact I wasn’t eating anything, and there was no one who could give something, that might stoned me with dope. Yet I went back in, putting the music down a little bit, when I heard the room next door noise again. It looked as the light was up for the moment and than next second down, and sounded that way. I rushed in the room together with Sandra’s boyfriend at the same time. We thought that we going to find smashed glass that is usually happening when the old light bulb burst, in need to be replaced by an other. So, we turned the light in the hall, expecting the smashed glass, but there was nothing on the floor. We than tried to lit the light, and found that was nothing wrong with the light bulb on the ceiling. Sandra’s boyfriend was junky, and we always believed that he’s exaggerating with his supernatural stories. We always thought that he sees things because he wants to see it, and that he’s most of the time tripping.

"This house is haunted", he said.

"O please, you promised that you going to stay away from the dope, you promised…"

Sandra was furious, as she suffered great deal because his drug addiction.

"It is, I had nothing for ages, I saw it, and I felt it, let me wake your parents up, maybe they would know something." He said.

"We are not going to wake anyone up, let’s go to sleep."

I felt bad, because there was something out there. But I persuaded myself that nothing happened. We went back to our rooms. I couldn’t put my light and radio off just yet. The flies were unbelievable; this place was like a tomb. My window was open wide, yet it felt like the air was missing, and I was too scared to go outside again. After while, as soon as I tried to get some sleep, a strange force kept my eyes wide open again, and even if I felt tired, my eyes became wide naked potatoes. I stared but there was nothing to be seen just yet. I stared to a picture of the beautiful child on the wall; getting annoyed by heath and bleeding flies landing on me like I was an fly airport. Suddenly I felt that something lay down beside me, I could feel my heartbeat so loud, clearly, not daring to turn around. I was absolutely convinced that real physical body lay beside me, and I heard soundly human breathing. Yet I couldn’t dare to turn around because I knew that I going to see something that I wasn’t wanted or be ready to see. I braced my knee, began to push and pull myself, my knees edged up the side of the wall, so I could exert all my shoulders strength on pulling. My head came up over the edge, then my shoulders. I felt like screaming and wished mightily I were back in my bed alone in a house where I’d never know fear of that kind. The breathing figure behind me didn’t move and I gripped the side of the mattress tightly to keep from fainting. Why didn’t speak anything? Or move? Was that a ghost, could I see through it? I knew I couldn’t sit here until daylight waiting to see who or what was blocking the doorway. I’d go mad. I refused to give away to panic and suddenly I grasped at the though that this might be someone’s crazy idea for joke. I continued to edge myself up. My skirt was already shredded at the knees and I could feel needle sharp biting into my flash. Than I tried to get up, but it was impossible, I tried to close my eyes, which was especially impossible. This was wanted to be seen definitely. I managed to sit up, turning the back to that something behind me. I felt like my head was swimming, and the light that was on made everything alive. Something was spinning madly, and I wasn’t dared enough to take a look. Music was on, so I tried to sing along. But instead I was gasping for breath. I knew that many minutes went by before my nerves stopped trembling. I could clearly hear aloud breathing behind me. My muscles ceased feeling as if they were in spasm and my breath came in normal gulps of air. Once again I set up, and I began to cry. My hand was reaching to a little bed table with glass of water. I grabbed the glass turning myself to a thing that was breathing, freezing myself to death. I knew that something behind me wasn’t real alive . Yet, it was no one behind, but air and emptiness. It was impossible to be seen with eyes, but it was clearly felt with all other senses. Just as it was alive and present behind me, breathing loudly. I screamed, Sandra and her boyfriend rushed in, the very next moment I was literally jumping on the bed squeezing the glass of water in my hand.

"Stop crying and give me that glass", Sandra said holding me.

"Let go off that glass, You going to smashed it, let go…" Sandra was yearling, while I was desperately squeezing the glass in my hand. Soon enough her parent went knocking on the door, but went in through the window as non of us was opening the door…

"Once I heard the terrible noise from the roof of the house while I was cleaning the mess out, that no one alive couldn’t do as we are keeping this house locked. When I came up there, the room was empty and I was certain that noise came from that room up there, on the roof".Sandra's mother told us later.

The house was firstly build by woman that lived in abroad all her life. This woman committed a suicide in the room next door to this, since than something is constantly frightening the visitors. The present owner of this house can not sleep in here without having someone sitting beside her. "She" hardly ever comes here once ot twice a year. Owners usually having people to live here for free, because neighborhood in this little town don’t like hanging around. "She visits" everyone who comes to spend first night in this house, confirming that she is the real owner of the house even if she’s dead over 20 years. Some people just do not believe in these rumors, but noises and mess somehow are happening from time to time. Sometimes "She’s" quite warm and welcoming, but sometimes "She" just "Show itself" this way.

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