Sexy City 

Djurica Radmila

© Copyright 2001 by Djurica Radmila

"Oh, elegant flower, how noble you tower
Your poise and your grace you display;
To catch by and by the beholder's eye
Reflecting the new light of day.
Yes, I've found different ways..."

How your Home City can be really really sexy. With it's bars and pubs, libraries, cinemas, markets and sports, how can be sexier than all other cities in the world. Your city, it is centre of politics, finance and media and has a surprising number of peaceful parks and channels,

The compact city centre means that amenities are conveniently positioned and easy for you to get it, simply avariable. The regular services to all areas are supplemented by the traffic system that links to everything. The city has established itself as a leading centre of Youth culture. Classical ensembles including top world's classes cater other tastes. In short, it can be centre of the world, and all cultures.

And Romance, I mean, only your building content so many beautiful and sexy dressed women.

And that's not all....All cities world-wide have the other side just as well, that for You sometimes sounds as philosophy and science fiction almost romantic, and he feeling of superiority when You read tragic events in the daily papers, simply because it's not Your reality. You a shacked with tragedy in the paper about little girl being raped and brutally killed just a few block away from You, in the world of lower society that You have never even belonged.

Not the most attractive of subjects the world of all kinds of trash.

How's that, when You are living a life that is just a click away from doing it, while You don't have to stand up to turn of the TV or from Your car enter to an other car, while You staring at the green park that You positively know that is not real, as it is made on the computer, and natural, but fixed to be there, just as the green grass that is grassy only on the surface. And You staring at woman so beautiful that You can't breathe but You also know that every single thing on her is plastic and her crystal blue eyes are actually contact lenses, and perfect make up hides up completely different face, and blonde wig hides up completely different hair, and when You come to sex with her, it becomes just an other fake and phrase, and you know that everything will be fixed, and that You are going to feel hidden camera on your back, camera that directs the usual scenario of two people making love [or better say believing that are making love], and you want someone to say something different, instead of cliché. The words that she think that you want to hear, but You are not sure what exactly You want to hear any more. And You know that only God knows what she really believes and does she really believes in anything but the things that society wants her to believe.

And You want something different, so You take a long Holiday.

So, there You are, on Holiday, with beautiful topless women around You, and You drinking your favourite cocktail called

"Screaming orgasm", brand new one, as the bartender said to You. And, HAY... You met a woman, Godet, a woman with strange name and exotic appearance. With roses diamonds and beautiful silk underwear. And You enjoy in her, every bit of you, because You enjoy the finer things in life, it's time You indulged in a drop of pure liquid luxury. After a long, difficult day you deserve the chance to relax and pamper yourself. Godet gives You a special way to escape from the routine of everyday life. So, you unplug the phone, prepare yourself a warm, scented bath, put on some inspiring music. Godet brings you taste of extravagance and its rich encounter. It's a sensory to experience. Take your time to enjoy the sensations as you swirl the creamy white "Screaming orgasm" coctyail, a speciality of the house, around the glass, than slowly sip the silky liquid as you luxuriate in its smooth sophisticated flavour.

Summer is on its way and you're longing to wear Godet's gorgeous strappy dress and try out your new aftershave, while she's trying her new bikini on a sun kissed Mediterranean beach. As summer begins it is wonderful just to shrug off your heavy winter clothes and pour yourself into something cooler and more revealing. Within your naked form grows warm desire to bare your soul. And as your misty eyes perchance allow your gaze to fall. Would you incline the thief of time to give back what she stole? Freedom goes through the window??? Fingertips in the morning touching curves and hollow places, soft secret garden of creation; Within your warm allure is formed the seed of life renewed.

Everything since to be perfect, You make passionate love with her, and You have a time of Your life. It is you as imagined, gliding along the floor in seductive movements of erotic passion, guided by someone else's hands. Passion is the enraptured fusion of emotion and physical intimacy, floating in a slowly writhing aura of love and warmth so substantial you can almost reach out and touch it. It seems that passion is feeling beyond feeling, sacrifice and trust, love and yearning, wonder and discovery, joy and craving, tears and explosion, desire and fulfilment . . . and much more.

But the reality bites and You coming back from Holiday to a city and your luxury flat and apartment, and the computer, and brilliant car that You own, and boss is giving you a better sellery this time because it since that you improved your work more than before and only you know why is that. You met a beautiful woman, an angel who gave something special. And you are longing to see her again, and make love to her again.

There You go, beck to her embrace, to her apartment in 21 Street. And You made love to her again, but slowly as time goes by, she since that she's not that exotic, special and beautiful as You thought before. Her hair looks different, suddenly she doesn't have those sexy moves by which you remember her, her eyes got swallowed by the usual girly problems, her hand is not that smooth as it was while she took you for the long walk trough the wild nature and long romantic sandy beaches of the Holiday Resort. Her deep sexy voice is not that inviting as it was while You first time made love to her in the Hotel Jacuzzi.

In the morning her deep sexy voice, since to be hard, tiring even annoying. And You are not enjoying in the long conversations about God and Nature, and how we all have to go back to nature and clean water and green wood, because there are more important stuff to discuss better. And last morning You had a nightmare with zombie laying in bed with You, and when You woke up with cold sweat all over you, instead of the angel from the long sandy beach, You are seeing Your life partner now, looks exactly as zombie from your dream, because Godet puts her morning beauty mask on her face full of wrinkles... A wisp of hair does lightly touch Time suspended . . . self reflected . . . mirror on the wall; Such faith in lovely eyes, which like bright amber, shine As the coal-black sheen of your coat at brushing time. Ah! how your handsome features mirror images of night! With your cloak of darkest charcoal, and your blaze of snowy white .And You scream wishing to wake up from the bloody nightmare.....etc and etc...

Than "What has happened to US", You ask yourself after while.

And this is what happened. Love of Your life You met under the different cirmuncastes. Environment or better to be said, entire was different, more romantic, more natural, relaxing atmosphere woke up romantic and passionate man in You, and You glue Yourself to a first woman in front of You, when You saw an image of Your dream in her, the reflection of desires, not a usual reality of the city life. And You ask Yourself why it is like that?

It's because You are living in the city, because you are living in ugly reality, the Imperial of the Machines and Computer that are running instead of people, and You need a brake, a fantasy that Holiday Resorts can create with the perfect nature sight, and beautiful sandy beach, and deep christal clean water.

"But damn him straight to hell who shall abuse
it with elation,
for sure the hand of vengeance counts
his evil deeds accrued."
[Unknown Writer]

And You can't wait for the next Holiday, next Illusion and paradise that You can buy for Your credit card, an other dream that You need to wake up from within 15 days or so.

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