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Sarah Reid

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Adult Learning Class
A Moment On A Bus
Louise and Phoebe

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     I live in Bristol in the UK.  Ive always wanted to become an author ever since I was a child. I spend my free time volunteering for multiple charities and good causes close to my heart fundraising for epilepsy charities and young carer charities and food banks aswell as writing stories and poems which helps me cope with my multiple disabilities.  I usually write real life stories but have started writing fiction too.
    Most of my stories are based on my real life experience even if names have been changed like one i did on adult learning courses as i really struggled learning certain lessons at school,  especially when i had seizure in class or struggling to understand what teachers said. So when i lost multiple jobs due to health issues,  i was encouraged to try adult learning courses to boost my confidence and maybe getting me back to work.  Although my dream is becoming an author so ive done writing courses and computer courses as well as several others too, like cookery and anxiety management, to help my mental health. 
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