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Photo by Megan Bucknall on Unsplash
Photo by Megan Bucknall on Unsplash
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"Emma!, time for your swimming lesson!", called mum "we leave in 5 minutes!".

Mum grabbed her swimming bag and urged Jenny her little sister to get in the car.

Emma quickly clutched her bag and inhaler and sprinted down the stairs like a whippet and jumped in the car praying that they would get there in 10 minutes before their lesson started.

As the car arrived at the pool, mum dropped the girls at the entrance promising she would be in asap as she screeched off to frantically find a parking space in the jam packed car park.

Emma clutched her sisters hand anxiously as mum never got anywhere in time as long as she could remember. Anxiety flooded her mind like a storm as she prompted Jenny to race to the changing rooms and get changed.

Emma was a few minutes late for her lesson but jumped in the icy cold water as shock flooded her mind like a cyclone in a storm. She noticed mum quickly plonking herself down in the spectater area as a hazy mist enveloped Emmas eyes like a blanket as she remembered visions of muffled voices and blurred scenes of mum rushing towards her, sounds of sirens wailed around her, icy bed sheets and doctors in white coats.

As Jo woke up in a cold thin sheeted bed with mum sleeping next to her in a chair next to her hospital bed.

Mum woke up with a start like a jack in the box only for mum to emotionally pour out what happened like a tidal wave.

"Emma, im so glad your safe " she sobbed emotionally. "You had a seizure in the swimming pool and your teacher jumped in to save you".

Emma was confused and relieved at the same time and sobbed with confusion.

It turned out that the head injury she had a month ago left her with epilepsy.

Luckily after several different medication trials doctors found the right treatment for her. Her family were so grateful for her teacher diving in to save her life that challenging day.

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