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The Road Trip Of Our Lives

Photo by Timur Weber at Pexels.
  Photo by Timur Weber at Pexels.

My name is Yessenia Gutierrez. I am 28 from Miami, FL. I am an aspiring writer. I write poetry, short stories, screenplays, and quotes. Writing is my passion; it is my life. I write to teach, learn, and to give people something to talk about. I write to escape from all of the things that disturb me. I have won many writing contests. I have a poetry book published on Amazon. I am a high school graduate. I’m currently in college for creative writing. 

I am a dialysis patient, currently awaiting a third kidney transplant. Through my struggles through my hardships through my hardest times I have learned that none of these things end your life, life ends when we give up. So, if life is worth living, then it's worth trying, and trying involves enduring pain and suffering. Because that is how we learn and achieve success.

After losing my second transplanted kidney,
had to start dialysis again. I was born with poly-cystic kidney disease and since then have been trying to find a good kidney. What keeps me motivated throughout the struggles is writing. Writing is myer life, it is my passion. I love to read and dance too.

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