Rafael Giovanni Napoleon

Yessenia Gutierrez

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay .
The well-heeled youthful Rafael Giovanni Napoleon was cherished by many during his existence. His deceased father, Federico Alonzo Napoleon had bequeathed all his fortune to his idolized son for one day he would get married and have children of his own to guard. Rafael Giovanni would search for the ideal woman to marry all over the world. He would travel from continent to continent looking for the righteous woman to fall in love with. Rafael Giovanni found many along the way. He found an alluring woman in West Germany, named Abigail Rudman. For Rafael Giovanni, it was love at first sight. She would perish just to be his love for one day! Unfortunately, Abigail had a husband waiting for her at home and a lover on the side. Rafael Giovanni was anguished once he found out about Abigail's husband and lover. She was not a one-man woman. Therefore, she was not the virtuous woman for Rafael Giovanni.

Rafael Giovanni left Berlin intending to find his soul-mate in Barcelona, Spain. Rafael Giovanni arrived in Barcelona, Spain. “Wow, che bel paese. Troverò il mio amore qui di sicuro.” Rafael Giovanni was Italian. He said, “Wow, what a beautiful country. I'll find my love here for sure.” What he expected indeed happened. He met Maria Isabel, a Spanish seamstress who worked for owners of a large cloth company headquartered in New York, United States. After dating a year, Maria Isabel became Rafael Giovanni Napoleon's wife. Maria Isabel never touched a dime of Rafael Giovanni's fortune. She was an independent, loving, and caring woman. One day, she told Rafael Giovanni she was pregnant. For a second, Rafael Giovanni thought he was dreaming. Maria Isabel resulted being the ideal woman. The woman of his dreams. The woman he desired. Rafael Giovanni lived a wonderful life with his love Maria Isabel. One day she received a call from one of the owners of the company, Donald M. Walter. Donald M. Walter wanted Maria Isabel to sign a full contract with the company.

This was amazing news for Maria Isabel because it meant more work and more money. At first, Rafael Giovanni didn't want the love of his life to fly alone all the way to the United States. Raphael couldn't travel during that time because he had business to manage. Eventually, Rafael Giovanni decided to let Maria Isabel make the flight to New York. “It will only take one day, mi amor. Don't miss me too much. I'll be back before you know it. I love you, Hermoso.” said Maria Isabel, as she headed towards the door. “How can I not miss you my love? If every second of the day I think of you and I cannot picture myself without you?” said Rafael Giovanni staring into Maria Isabel's captivating eyes. Rafael Giovanni hugged his wife, kissed her endlessly, and kissed her belly where his little Rafael Jr. was. He didn't want to let them go. “Have a nice flight, amor mio.” He said with a smile.

Maria Isabel went inside the airplane. The lady of the airplane said, “To all passengers please put on your seat-belt, we are about to take off.” Maria Isabel called Rafael Giovanni and left him a voicemail. “Honey, we're about to take off. I just wanted to tell you I love you, mi vida. You make me so happy. I can't wait to sign this contract and be back home with you. I want to have our son already. Te quiero Amor, I have to go. I will call you once I get there. Besos! Chao.” Maria Isabel couldn't stop smiling. She was looking through her pictures. Pictures of Rafael Giovanni and herself.

Maria Isabel closed her eyes and leaned back to her sit. Suddenly, the airplane began to shake. A man on Maria Isabel's right side said, “I think the pilot's having a heart attack Madam! I don't think we will survive this.” Maria Isabel quickly stood up to walk further to where the pilot was. “He's having a heart attack! and I don't know how to operate the plane. I'm so sorry. I don't know where we're going to land.” said the pilot's assistant. Maria Isabel was having contractions due to pregnancy. She was nervous and didn't know what to do. A man came, held her hand, and told her to take a breath or two. The pilot lost complete body function and passed away. The airplane moved east and west, side to side, and lost control falling straight towards the ground. The airplane crashed into a field of trees. Maria Isabel was injured but alive and ready to give birth. The man that was sitting next to Maria Isabel leaned on her. She told him she was ready to have a baby boy. She wasn't feeling at her best to have this child.

However, she knew she was going to die and wanted to have her baby for Rafael Giovanni: The love of her life. “I feel weak. my head hurts from the injuries but I need you to deliver this baby for me please, sir. The father of my child is Rafael Giovanni Napoleon. You will meet him once I’m on the news.” said Maria Isabel anxiously. “Oh my! what a coincidence. I am a doctor madam. I deliver babies all the times. There is no problem. I will do as you please, okay? Let's see. I'm a little rough from the injuries too, but I will try my best to welcome this baby into the world.” replied the man. “Thank you so much. And please, tell Giovanni I love him with all my heart. To make this child, our son proud. To never forget his mother, Maria Isabel, she loved him more than life.” said Maria Isabel.

She laid back against the two chairs to spread her legs apart. The man was a genius for he didn't need anyone else to deliver this baby. He put on gloves he had in his travel bag and a face mask. “Push Maria, push as hard as you can and when you're tired let go.” Maria Isabel pushed and pushed so much that her forehead was covered in sweat. Her head kept hurting but she kept pushing harder. The most beautiful baby was born. “He looks like you, Madam.” said the man, carrying the child. “Can I hold him?” asked Maria. “Of course, he is yours. What will you name him?” replied the man, signing papers. “I will name him after his father, Rafael Giovanni Napoleon The Third.” She said holding the baby. Maria Isabel gave the baby to the man shedding tears. She said she couldn't help it. She felt as if a car ran her over. The man took the baby and came to Maria Isabel. “Madam, I am so sorry, how I wish to help you live longer. You have become a Mother. What is your last wish, I promise I will make it come true.” said the man, in a pitiful voice. “Thank you for bringing my baby into the world. My only wish is for Rafael Giovanni to live a happy life. I want him to remarry. He needs the ideal woman, sir. A woman who will be an excellent Mother to our child and an upstanding wife to Rafael.” replied Maria Isabel. “Well, let's see what I can do about that, Madam. I happen to have a daughter who couldn't have children no matter how much she wished to have them.” said the man, as he held Rafael The Third.

Maria Isabel smiled at the man. She acceded with his daughter being the adoptive Mother for her baby, Maria Isabel kissed her son goodbye and closed her eyes. She passed away that night. The man got out of the plane with the child in arms. All others were dead. Finally, a helicopter came searching for the lost airplane and its passengers. Rafael Giovanni was at home finishing what he had to get done. The police saw the man with a baby in his arms walking to a nearby station. The man now identified as Doctor Edward Rudman told them what happened. The pilot suffered from a heart attack and the pilot's assistant couldn't do anything to stop the plane from falling. He said he needed to look for Rafael Giovanni. The baby was his and Maria Isabel's, the woman who was also boarding the plane. They examined the bodies and realized they were all dead, including Maria Isabel. A rescue came to take the bodies away. The police took Dr. Edward Rudman and the baby to a hospital. Rafael Giovanni went to the master bedroom. He checked his cell phone and noticed he had a voicemail. He pressed the listened button. It was the message Maria Isabel left him minutes before the airplane lost control. Rafael Giovanni smiled. He decided to call her. The man had Maria Isabel's cell phone with him.“Hello, is this Rafael Giovanni?” He said. “Who is this? Where is my wife? Why do you have her cell phone with you?!” asked Rafael Giovanni. 

Oh my! you must be Rafael I am so sorry to give you such heart-breaking news. You need to come to Madrid Hospital.” said Eddy. Rafael Giovanni had no idea what he meant. He went anyways. Later at the Hospital: “Hi, I'm looking for a man who I spoke with on the phone, He told me to come here as soon as possible. He called me from my wife's cell phone. I don't know why. My name is Rafael Giovanni.” He said to the lady in the front desk. “I'm so sorry for your lost, Giovanni. There was nothing else to do but you'd be happy to know that, your son is healthy! All he needs is medicine to calm down his cough.” replied the lady. “What? my son? what happened to my wife?!” he asked shockingly, Rafael saw a man coming out of the hospital room carrying a child. “Hello, to the mighty Rafael, here is your handsome son, Rafael Giovanni Napoleon The Third. I am a witness of it all. I helped your wife bring your child into the world. Without my help; you would have lost this child. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything for your lovely wife.” said Eddy giving the baby to Rafael “My wife passed away? this can't be real. I must be dreaming. How did this happen?” Rafael Giovanni was devastated. He carried the child still thinking it was all a dream. He couldn't believe Maria Isabel was no longer with him. “Airplane crush, son.

The pilot lost control. He died from a heart attack. The assistant wasn't prepared to take over. I'm lucky to be here speaking to you, son. I was brave enough to not give up and help your wife deliver this precious child.” said Eddy. “Thank you so much, you are a hero. You will be blessed all your life! This is the only memory I have of Maria Isabel: The love of my life.” Rafael kissed the baby on his forehead, he was crying. “I have one more promise to keep. Your wife said she wanted you to remarry. She said you need the perfect wife and mother for your child. My daughter is single and dejected because she cannot have children of her own. She had a husband who divorced her. She had a boyfriend who betrayed her. I want you to marry my daughter, son.” Edward reached into his wallet and took out a picture of his daughter. “I'm sorry doctor, how can I think about marriage at a time like this? I can’t thank you enough for helping Maria Isabel deliver my child but I cannot go on just like that. I need to grieve what I have lost. My wife was everything to me.” replied Rafael in a mournful voice.

 “Here she is, Abigail Rudman. She is my only daughter. All of them died at birth. I know how it feels to lose a child, Maria Isabel loved you very much. She assured it before saying goodbye, but her last wish was for you to move on and enjoy a second wife.” Rafael Giovanni remembered Abigail, he couldn't believe his eyes! it was Abigail Rudman the woman who he couldn't marry years before because she wasn't the ideal woman. Rafael Giovanni took the picture and kissed it. “Whoa, you are full of surprises! do you know my daughter, son?” asked Eddy. “I sure do, doctor and I will make her my wife. She has no husband or lover at this time?” he asked. "No, she does not. She is alone in this world. She is a sweet heart! What a small world; you know my daughter from somewhere and now you will marry her.” Edward was proud. “She would've been the first one to become my wife, but when we met, she had a husband and a lover. I thought she was one for all.” said Rafael. “Oh no! Abigail is not that kind of woman. Her husband filed for divorce so she was dating the other guy but it didn't work out. replied Edward. “Well, that is good to know, Mr. Rudman. Have I known this before I would've married her then. God has given me another chance to marry my ideal woman.

The very first one I found and thought she was not ethical. God is marvelous! For he let me have this child with Maria Isabel because Abigail can’t have her own. I will make her wish come true and marry your enchanting daughter, sir. Now my Maria Isabel can rest in peace.” Rafael Giovanni and Edward left the hospital. They went to visit Abigail. Rafael Giovanni and Abigail were reunited. Abigail told Rafael that she never forgot him, from the bottom of her heart she always loved him. “I knew I would have your love one day. I loved you from the first day we crossed eyes. I will be the perfect wife and your child will have a great mother.” said Abigail putting her arms across Rafael's face. They held hands and began to kiss, Rafael Giovanni missed Maria Isabel, but in his heart, he knew she wasn't coming back. All the love he had for her was now for Abigail. He figured Abigail would become the ideal woman for him and an exceptional Mother for Raphael Giovanni Napoleon The Third.

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