Story List For Dante A. Cinelli
Too Many Brass Rings
Alba Of The Mountains
Dark Vigil
A Ranger's Question
Snuffy, A Tale Of No Tail
An Unknown Man
Just A Little Water
A Hush In The Willows
My Quiet Hiding Place and Other Selected Poems
What My Eyes Have Seen
The Giant Who Took Small Steps

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Dante was born in Italy in 1932 and came to this country at the age of four. He was brought up in New York City and attended St. John's University where he earned a bachelor's degree in English.

He joined the U.S.M.C Reserve in 1952 during the Korean War and upon graduation was commissioned and served in post-war Korea and Japan until 1957.

He taught English for one year at a ghetto New York City high school for boys then worked on Long Island, teaching Driver's Education and English.

Since his recent retirement he has completed a novel and dozens of short stories and poems.

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