The Earth Raged

Sarah Faith Nwosu

© Copyright 2018 by Sarah Faith Nwosu


Photo of flowers against a sunset.

The earth raged;

Like a trumpet, the noise had made the house shake like it was about to quake into the ground. I saw myself running out of the house with only my underwear's ; I tried to join the people running aimlessly and while trying to look around me to which direction they were going, I stumbled to the ground rolling myself from pillar to point until I finally found my balance. I groaned in pain calling out for a hand but no one cared to listen they all kept their focus like they didn't see me fall . I called out to Hannah from the running crowd but no one answered. It was like we were in a different planet that had the surroundings of my neighborhood. Just when I looked to my right, I caught up with Mr. Ben; 

'what’s going on Ben? what on earth is...

"the world is ending, ending, head to the church at once Vicki,  run faster to be saved'

"what wh..

I lost Ben into the crowd. The church was empty and almost dark except for a candle that projected light to where the altar was situated. People ran for the front, filling the altar on their knees, their voices cried out to heaven “help us lord! help! then I remembered a word from the bible “that is it, the rapture" it had taken place without me.

 At one corner of the crying, I raised my hands up like a child awaiting to be carried "come on lord, come on'' I cried in fear.

"I only lied a few times, ok more than normal. I stole too but you know it was in the past when life was tough, come on lord just take me I promise to be a good girl in heaven; Mr. jack always made me lie about the accounts although I got a few tips in return, am really sorry about that. Am sorry about Sundays, I really missed church because I felt I should be resting after the weeks work but I promise now; I will ensure to attend all the Sunday programs that you organize. Also Lord, I promise to make the bible the only book I ever read in heaven no more magazines or social pages".

 I fell on my knees in tears with my head to the ground not knowing what next to be sorrow for; then suddenly a bright light shined into the church as it came straight into my eyes just then I woke up from the rays of the sunlight Hannah had opened on me through the window.

"wake up lazy bones, you are late for work".

I pulled myself up from bed trying to fathom the meaning of the dream I woke up from. Reaching for the window, I looked to ensure no one was running to the direction of the church; just when I saw Ben running to work, my heart skipped in fear almost causing me to stumble over the chair. It was 7:48 am on my computer. "no,

what a bad omen a day could bring" I lamented. I hated Hannah for not waking me earlier.

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