Prepare To Let Me Go

Sarah Faith Nwosu

Copyright 2018 by Sarah Faith Nwosu


Photo of flowers against a sunset.

It was three years after the cells hibernated inside Aby's walls. The inclement agony changed the weather in our home as we pulled in and out of the car at Doctor Pat's order; the hospital seemed to recognize its debilitated by their handymen as we moved Aby in the room to the offing for her sentence.

Every night I raged in turmoil as I wrapped the bed sheet upon her, the impotency of her body parts resisted every hope left in me. Slowly i went down the stairs to meet held hands up to God awaiting mine. Every first Thursday brought a seizure; Pat had prepared us for. This time I didn't know if i prayed for Aby to see this one or die from it.

As the Sun Chub out, Aby wouldn't let go, she congenial ed her self to everyone soon we were caught in unspeakable joy forgetting our state of dilemma until 2pm when her brains demanded recap. For one who's spirit wouldn't leave earth even when her body was fast disappearing, Aby opinionated all odds of medical reports till now.

She only wept when refused her share of toast potatoes and ketchup then at evenings she paid back with a hard time undergoing her checkup. Many occasions Aby would creep into the kitchen, sucking her self with Wine that made me mad; at the instance she placidly wheeled passed me like a Cancer patient. Holding the bottle wilfully tight as to take back my words.

That Thursday, Aby was eroding before my eyes; i kept fixed fears as i prepared to see her go; for one minute she was jerked back to life and the next she left. The attack had occurred the previous day she picked flowers, no one ever knew she ate them except Pat. In harsh weathers, in chilly storms, at betimes; we prepared for the worst. At the shadows of the evenings we prayed for a miracle, though Aby still kept on dying; we weren't prepared to let her go.

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