My Foolishness is the Fear of Death


Sachin Verma

Copyright 2018 by Sachin Verma

Drawing of a peace dove.

This story is the story of foolishness . i hope anybody interest to my story in reading and this story is my real story .in this story ,about which facts and incident , i deliberate , every person know . but i know this fact and incident but i was not accept this situation . in this story , i deliberate the fear of death . every person know that death is certain , but everytime , every person or animal, or bird etc or any living creatures present in the environment has a fear of death . in this i talk more old person , friends or saint . all of them has said that death is certain , whoever born on the earth , his death is certain . and fixed , some peoples and friends has told me that this is fixed by God , God has supreme authority on the death of any person . i worried , when i listen this information that person had been dead . my foolishness story starts before two years , i was worried about thinking of my fathe's death .

Because if my father is dead then there shall be many liabilities imposed on me . it is very difficult for me to challenge the trouble and distress , because in this time i was studied a higher education or graduation . i was think that if my father will be dead , then i was not complete the course or study , i was not get success . everyone know that the study of LL.B or advocacy is more costly than other study . i am not get scholarship from my government . any other organization would not help me . i want to do all things for my study , purpose and success .

After some time has been spent , then my father saw that i was worried , sadness on my face , everyone of my family member asks me what is problem but how i tell them about my worry . i do not tell about this situation to family member . in this situation , i could not take proper food . so therefore, i was physically weak because i have not take food for some day .this negative thinking effects on my study , semester exam result , I was passed in the examination but not get good marks . before this negative thinking i was in good position or topper in my class section but in one year , this negative thinking has worst me . I lose everything my ability or capability and reputation . in this situation nobody was help me . i take an advice of neurologist and psychiatric . i had take medicine for resolving the negative thinking but this was not sufficient for resolving my problem , in this situation i decide to do suicide but when i was going to commit suicide then in mind ,some thoughts were originates that if i commit suicide then people and my friends called me coward and another some villagers blames my father that pressure on me .at last i was return to home .everytime i thinks how i solve my problem , but i could not success in this efforts . i could not study because i was not concentrate , when i was study , then in my minds many negative thoughts are originates . the negative thinking is very harmful for humans not only mentaly harmful but also physically harmful .

At last i was agreed the fact that every person shall have been dead when i read BhagWaD geeta in which Lord sri krishna told Arjun that death is certain . nobody would think in this regard , because it is a universal rule of nature . if person thinks about this then which time he shall work .

So therefore i appeal to everyone who is afflicted or fall of negative thinking , please change your thinking , do not waste your time in negative thinking . in a negative thinking there is a large energy than positive thinking . i

This negative thinking to people to do negative works .this is my foolish story , i do not earned money or situation from this story , my purpose to written this story to help some person .because in the world many person were fall or afflicted from negative thinking , some person do not tell problem to family member or friends and decided to commit suicide .please request nobody commit suicide .in which economic condition , you have one life , everyone enjoys our life although you are poor like me . I describes method to which resolved the problem of negative thinking person , you should listen your inner conscience , what is said by inner conscience , you do work according to inner conscience because inner conscience does not tell a lie , it is my personal experience and it is a universal . everyone should act according to inner conscience because Decision taken by mind can be false but the decision taken by inner conscience , then the decision is always true . i resolve my problem through this method . and also other method which resolves the person any problem . such person joined the social group , counselling and take medicine , and also busy in work ,.

So therefore there is less possibility of negative thinking . Some peoples believed in this fact that when person lives in lonely , then negative thinking originates in the person's mind . i do not agree this fact because many scholar lives lonely and get success in life . and also negative thinking person should try to think in positive .never negative always positive . for success , there is a sine qua non of positive person . in negative thinking , nobody can not help you .you will come out yourself from the problem . people also read religious books or scriptures .in India , there are very popular books such as Ramayana , Bhagwad Geeta , vedas and also other hindu scriptures

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