Two Brothers
A Theme of Peace

Sachin Verma

Copyright 2018 by Sachin Verma

Drawing of a peace dove.

Peace is very important for the development and existence of human .peace is also for the life of wild animal, sea animal and living creatures presents in the atmosphere of the earth ..peace is a sine qua non for the mental, psychological , intellectual , absolute personality development of the human being . to receive. Peace various foundation , organization and international organization, many group has been created to achieve international , peace and security . many organizations such as , United Nations organization, League of nation , Nato ,opec , International labour organization, world heath organization , world trade organization, international monitary fund , world bank ,Asian development bank.

United nations organization has been created by the agreements among states for the purpose of securing international peace and security . under the united nation charter in many articles in which the important t function and purpose of the united nation under article 1and 2 of the united nation charter .first principle of the united nations charter amd league of nation relating to international peace and security . league of nation are first organization created by the states for the purpose of international peace and security in the 20 centuary but there are many irregularties and weaknesses of the league of nation , so therefore it is not work for a long time .then the united nations organization has been created by the states in 1945 after the end of second world war .it is very dangerous and harmful of the of human being and living creatures in the environment because in the second world war various type of weapons used such as chemical weapons , missiles ,and also used atom.bomb dropped by the united states on the Hirosima and Nagasaki of Japan . the important principle of Mahatma gandhi is a satya , ahinsa , peace , truth and non vilence . the principle of peace is very popular and importent principle of gandiyan philosophy and this principle are accepted by various nation in the world in respect of international policy and diplomatic , border disputes amongs states . all states should encourage and promote peace in the world .

Come to main story :

The main story started from the second world period , in this period this is the story of two Indian brothers , one bother join the royal Indian army towards the country of britain , one name is Mahindra singh and other is Devendrs singh , whose belong to the state of punjab in India . story started from the childhood in which both are enjoyed altogether , play game and enjoys everything . actually both childhood are good and the economic condition of family is good because they were Sardar of Punjab . Slowly,slowly the time has been spent . Mahindra join the british royal Indian army , India join the second world war because India was colony of Great britain .

Other brother , Devindra Singh lives in the home town of Punjab and works an agriculture in his own field . both were very love each other , Indian army fight against Nazi Germany towards the britain after the second world war , Mahindra singh was not returned home and the royal British Indian army declared , mahindra had bee n dead in explosion of bomb on the hand and capturing by Hitler fauj or army . and listening this information by Devendra singh were very sad and not take food for sometimes but his father told and understand to Devendra singh . and after this incident ,the condition of devendra singh is very miserable .but he thought that his was brother alive , and this confidence , he was going to in serch of his brother ,many years has been passed but he did not serch his brother , but he did not lose his confidence , now the situation is very normal , and in serch pf his brother , one beautiful lady was help to the devendra singh . he was goto every place in india and also to the great britain in serch of his brother but not success in this effort . and after many years had been passed , he was decided to marry to the beautiful lady whose name was Manpreet singh , whose husband had been dead in a war , both were lived in happiness . but after got independence of India by britain , the indian government talks to th German government , now the condition was normal in the world . because Germany was defeated by the joint army of great britain , America ,Russia and France . the also the condition and compensation imposed by these winning countries for the harm . German govt agree to talk to the Indian govt . . Indian govt tells the German govt to find the Mahindrs royal Indian army captain .on demand help by devendra singh to the Indian govt .after this talk , German govt start the serching of Mahindra singh , Mahindra was nor dead nor captured by the German army , mahindra si gh was living in Germany in the local group of Germany in which place , bomb was explosin . German govt find ,mahindra singh and provide , visa assistance to mahindra singh for returning the home , this step was very popular because after many years , German govt works for the human and humanity , and secure peace in the world , this action was appreciate by all present nation of united nations organization . and after this incident , india has been started diplomatic relation to the Gerrman govt . and mahindra was returned to india , and the bother , devendra singh was carry to the brother mahindra singh in the Bombay port . but now both are old because a long time had been passed

Conclusion . . .

In this story, if peace in the world then there was no possibility of war , in the war both sides soldiers was dead , war not only harmful to the defeated countries but also to the winning countries , because war was against the humanity and the existence of living beings in the environment so therefore we can say that every person , group , society government should promote the the principle of peace . so that there are no possibility of third world war in the future . in this story , fortunately mahindra singh was returned to home , but many examples in which many solders are not been returned to their homes for whole life and this condition was faces by family members , if the solders only male member in the family and the economic condition are not good , then the situation are very miserable , because many liabilities are imposed on the female members of the family . in Pakistan , many Indian soldier had been returned to the home for whole life and also in china after the war ending between India and china . in this type many examples are present in the world . ,.so therefore every person please should encourage peace . peace principle t only necessary for the nation govt but also for the human beings because many disputes arises between humans . so peace is importent for everyone lives in atmosphere.

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