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Paul Onuh
Horrid Episode of the 344 Kangarans
Travail of the Kangaran Boys
Scray Tale of a Long Black Kid
Photo by DaYsO on Unsplash
Photo by DaYsO on Unsplash

Paul is an emerging writer, based in Abuja, Nigeria. He's a creative writer in works of fiction, non-fiction and essay.  
His flash piece Walls of Bones was published in the Writers Cafe Magazine #issue 19 " Can you dig it."   Besides, his micro-fiction, Deathly Voyage, has also been published by Black Hare Press, under the 666 Black Drabble Anthology.He often carries out research works, at his free time, when less busy with creative writing.  Moreover, His love for facts and pragmatic thinking stands him out amongst other peers in the society. 

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