Scary Tale of a Lone Black Kid

Paul Onuh

ę Copyright 20221 by Paul Onuh

 Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
 The sky appeared crystal clear. Even though, it had rained the past night. Since, I could see few wet spots of stagnant water. At various points along the lane, all through the lonesome walk back home. For the time being, the warm breeze caressed my face as I dragged my tired feet.

 I did not expect to come this close to such an eye popping moment, after running into a deadly reptile that one-off day of 1996. When, I drew close to the Primary Health Care Center. Lo and behold, a green mamba crawled out of the facility through a hole, which had a size equal to that of a tennis ball in diameter, and found right beneath the fence at my left. The snake moved on its way for the right to a close by bush. Infact, it slithered through the yellow sands, at ease.

All the same, I gave this creepy but striking creature of nature a space of about two meters. All through that period, beads of sweat gathered up at my fore head, as I stood on the spot like a statue, right at the middle of the road. At that point, a cold chill ran through my spine, like one under a shock therapy. Thence, I held tight unto my breath like a piece of log, until the reptile crept out of sight. So far, I felt goose bumps all over my body, looking dazed by the sheer size of such a cold-blooded predator. When of a sudden, some sort of strength sprang into my body, right there. At that minute, I took to my heels down home, dashing along the way in a flash. Letting out a deep sigh from the comfort of my living room, I pondered: at long last, I am out of the goddamn woods.

It was so scary to have bumped into a lethal reptile, that had a length of over two meters, from head to tail. Even as a little kid, in real life. Perhaps, that snake did not take note of my presence. If otherwise, it did not see me as threat in any case. Hence, it crawled awayŚwithout any cause for an attack.

Anyways, it was an odd day, I just can't let go off my mind for donkey's years. Instead, a still voice in my head keeps telling me, 'you're saved by the miracle of the Most High God'. To this day, I feel overjoyed being alive to share this mind-blowing tale. For dead men tell no tales.


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