Story List and Biography
Paul Marion Fleetwood
The Preacher
A House on Newhouse Avenue
A Typewriter Needed Cleaning
Have You Seen My False Teeth?
Petey Bob's Old Car
Petey Bob Starts to School and Falls In Love
Christmas 1942 - Petey Bob's Unusual Gift
Petey Bob's Train Ride
How 15 Cents Saved Me From A Life of Crime
Halloween 1939 in Clay County Arkansas
Possums On A Half Shell
Thank You Washington U
For The Love Of Baseball
The Summer Petey Bob Turned Fourteen

Photo by Steve Dietrich at Pixabay.

Just in case the reader is not familiar with my stories; I am an old retired engineer writing true short stories of events that happened in my life for the benefit of my great-great grandchildren.  I want them to have some knowledge of their heritage and of old Pawpaw Bob (that is what my kids and grandkids call me).  My real first name is Paul but I was nick-named Petey Bob growing up.

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