Child Abuse is a Curse

Musarrat Zaidi

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Photo of a crying girl.

Child, a curse, a slap on the face of humanity. If parents, or care giver hurt a child physically or mentally, they make him or her up set/psychic.

Child abuse has multiple faces

The brutal and inhuman acts of beating, pushing, taunting, kicking, striking, shouting, slapping or any other brutal way, like pushing hair, keeping hungry, ignoring, calling with bad names etc. are all different forms of child abuse. They can be categorized as,

Physical, abuse,2. Mental abuse,3. Emotional abuse 4. Neglect, 5.Bipolar disorder, associated with mood swing, high degree positivity and negativity,6 substance abuse 7. Opioid abuse. Substance abuse is a drug abuse in which the victim inputs too much drugs very harmful for the victim and others too. Opioid abuse leads to addiction of heroin and other drugs. The last 2 abuse are caused by mal treatment at home and criminals like drug suppliers who sell drugs in parks, public play grounds and outside the educational institutions. Kids living un happy, terrified life in homes are easy targets of drug suppliers. They all make kids depressed, tensed, sad, insecure, unhealthy, mentally/physically weak and unable to learn any knowledge for his, her good growth. In any case it is a severe crime, and a biggest sin, such criminals/sinners deserve the hardest punishment. It is taken as an evil both by worldly and religious laws. The persons doing such vicious crimes must be severely punished by law, and should never be taken for granted. Kids are assets and future of a nation and must be well taken care of. There are many types of child abuse, all are shameful and devil deeds. 28.3% of adults admit that they were victim of child abuse in their childhood.

Scratches, cuts, burns, bruise broken joints, internal injuries, brain damage, are all signs of physical abuse. This heart shaking abuse makes a child physically very weak and harms kidís growth. His or her eye sight fresh blood flourishment, height, strength of bones, power of resistance against diseases, every physical need is badly effected by beating, slapping, pushing etc.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse, cause severe headache, pain and death or Suicide.

Parents or care giver are always unable to explain the reasons of childís worse physical /mental condition in a way that makes sense, they show anger about the child and blame him/her for being a liar, in obedient, trouble shooter and a cheater, in fact they tell lies about the child; and even if a child is like this, even then no one have right to beat him/her or cause mental shocks to the kid. Such kids need proper psychological treatment, love, attention and affection. Such parents/ guardians take kids to different clinics, hospitals just to show off that they care for the kids. As a matter of fact they avoid medical care extremely needed for the kids. Doctors should talk to the affected kids in privacy, and ask the parents or care takers to leave the room for the required time so that the child may talk frankly about his her worse condition. Babiesí victims of abuse must be checked thoroughly for wounds and signs of beating. Doctors should recommend that the abused kids must be kept in special care by the govt. away from the parents or care givers. Such parents keep the kids away from the worship places, clubs, parks, recreation spots and school. Govt. should provide such kids happy healthy, safe and secure residences with healthy environment and educational plus sports facilities away from their parents. Such parents do not deserve child benefit amounts and must be punished through strict laws so that child abuse may be stopped.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse means use of a child in sexual gratification by an adult or an elder child. This extreme inhuman crime damages the innocent and carefree childhood of a kid.

It destroys his or her psychology. It ruins the clean, care free and pure mind set of child who watches the dreams of his child hood in a pleasant manner. It ruins his or her peaceful mind decorated with bright dreams for future. Such criminals deserve exemplary punishment so that others may learn an unforgettable lesson from the punished criminals. A report says that 20.7% of adults were sexually abused in their childhood; a horrible state of affair.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse means when a childís social and mental development is blocked through indecent, harsh cruel behavior by parents or guardians. Dirty and hard language also damage the mind, heart and personality of a child, he or she feels him or herself lonely, depressed and mentally tensed and sad. This tragic state of affair blocks the social, psychological and personality development and a child.

Frightened, beated and upset little girl


Neglect means showing no love, cutting a childís conversation, not caring for a childís health, diet, hunger, disease, breaking the promises, not paying heed to his or her problems in school or at home, showing no validation to a childís emotion damage a childís soft and innocent feelings and emotions. A report confirms that 10.6% of adults admit that they have been victim of emotional abuse by being neglected and being not valeted for their feelings and emotions through a cruel, harsh behavior.

Child neglect means when a child is not properly cared, supervised, does not get love, affection, help, cooperation and required support for his/her wellbeing, health, security, nourishment, flourishment, and a happy life.

Physical neglect and insufficient supervision cause diseases, emotional neglect hurts mind, soul, and create depression, and loneliness and block personality development. Medical neglect makes a child sick and is a life threat or risk. Educational neglect stop the growth of his/her intelligence, mental health personality development, seeking information and education, and keep the children illiterate, they cannot express themselves properly and lose their confidence, cannot become confident and a strong personality. It is a dark face of every society on the planet earth. They are black shadows of criminal minds. Why states, civil societies, NGOS and UNO are unable to stop this brutal practice and save the little angles?

Member ship of UNO must be conditional with the implementation of strict laws against child abuse.

Conclusion: It is crystal clear that child abuse is a challenge to towards a happy, healthy development of future nations, todayís kids will be tomorrows adults, we can get futureís doctors, surgeons, leaders, teachers, writers, poets, politicians, lawyers, judges, bankers, managers, administrators, etc. only if they are taken out of the hell of child abuse, otherwise there is no hope that any state can achieve its targets of progress and prosperity. The question is as to how this can be done? What means and strategies to save the targeted kids from child abuse?

I think that in all schools teachers should keep an eye on the behavior, way of talking, reading, writing, eating, drinking and answering the questions of teacher daily. If a studentís behavior is suspicious or unusual, the teacher should inform the principal and the kid should be checked by a child specialist of the respective field. In every school a child psychologist should have a round on daily basis to check the mental condition and behavior of all students from kindergarten to grade 12, in senior classes many students are edict of taking marijuana or other drugs like this one. Many students leave high school from grade 9, how hopeless fact is this? They should be encouraged to complete their education and learn some skills too. People of all the communities should also be alert and note if there is any kid that looks depressed, tensed and weak in the park or anywhere, they should inform the principal of the school of that area or the police and principal or the police should not reveal the names of the informers to anyone. In hospitals and clinics, there should be short term free courses or classes to train the parents to grow the kids well. Certificates should be awarded after passing the courses. In this way new jobs can be created. We all have to be serious regarding this horrible matter. Otherwise time and history will not forgive us for the neglect and being careless. Parliaments world wise must pass strict laws against child abuse those must be implemented in the true sense of the word, no concession to anyone on any ground, none is above the right of a child to grow up through proper care, guidance, love, education, training, skills and required support for his/her health, security, wellness and nourishment to become a beneficial citizen of the state and society in future..

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