Dogs and Cats Love Story 2019

Luxhmee Jaypaul

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Photo of a dog and cat.

Vedika’s love affair with dogs and cats started since childhood and it is a family heritage. We say dogs have a short lifespan. Since childhood I saw countless dogs and cats died but I never gave up on loving these fur animals. In fact, my love for them cross borders and is boundless. A dog is a true companion, a best friend of unconditional love and it is man’s best friend. Vedika is a dog lover and a cynophilist. She has a love affair with dogs since childhood. A dog is a true joy in her life. She grew among her amazing friends and she got various besties in her life. Her heart ached everytime she lost her wondrous besties. But her love grew much powerful and stronger through years. Her amazing besties procure her multiple joys and they share an unconditional love and a lifetime friendship and relationship. She provides them good food, good kennels and loves them unconditionally. Her dogs were her playmates. Every time she leaves home for work, they accompanied her till her gate. When she is back home, they wagged their tails to welcome her at the gate.

She cuddles them and spends some quality time with them. She gives them their food and she considers them as part and parcel of her family. Her canine besties are her house guardians and protectors. She has a soft corner for them. Every dog is a dog beyond colour, race, creed and they deserve the best treatment in the world. Their gestures, their beautiful smile and their playful tantrums are marvellous and wonderful. Scientifically proven, a dog is man’s best friend and true companion. Dogs should be treated and handled with utmost care, love, attention. They should be provided protection and safety.

They are our house guardians and it is our primal and topmost duty to protect them. We are dutybound to give them shelter, safety and food. No dogs should be unfed. Shelters should be provided to abandoned and street dogs. Mistreatments against dogs are unlawful and illegal. PETA and MSAW are non governmental organizations fighting for the sheltering and safety of dogs. Dogs are faithful and are endowed with pure love. They fill our lives with joy, love and happiness.

Dogs never abandon their masters and they love their house masters. They are pure and true happiness, joys and blessings in our lives. They are our psychiatrists and therapists of our lives. They complete our lives and make our lives complete and whole. They possess the power to snap us from bad moods to good moods. Truly speaking, they are true fur besties we bag in our lives and they enliven our lives in every way. They are our favourite and special people in our lives. Sunshine comes from the love of a dog’s eyes in our lives. Dogs are part of our soul. Being a cynophilist makes your soul happy to possess a fur friend and they are our forever friends. They are our true companions of lives. Puppy therapy is the best part of our lives. Vedika knows the deep love of dogs in her life. She loves them unconditionally and she considers them as her wonderful family. Dogs make our lives beautiful and wonderful. They fill our emptiness in our lives by procuring us with their true joys and happiness.

One of the most enduring friendship is between a dog and a human. Dogs convey and transmit their pure and true love to us. We are truly blessed to bag the love of a true and faithful dog. Being a dog lover, our fur friend is our true best friend ever. They wait for us patiently and faithfully. Dogs are appreciative of our conversations to them. They make us happy and forgive immediately. Dogs are minor angels and they are bundles of true joys of our lives. Without a dog, a man’s life is dark and empty. Dogs are caring, faithful and truly domesticated. Dogs laugh with their tails. They are not our whole life but make our lives whole.

Dogs are the treasures and diamonds of love. No money can buy the unconditional love of a dog. Dogs are not assets, commodities, liabilities but they are our wonderful fur besties and amazing gems of our lives. A dog’s love is forever joy and their love is undescribable for us. Dogs love is never fake and their wagging tails makes us sense their happiness. They are best friends to play and kinda tons of fun. They are one of a kind. Vedika’s two bundles of joys are Nina and Casper. They are well-fed, well-cared and they procure us an immense joy in our lives. They are playful and smart blessings in our lives.
Vedika loves cats too. She has one cat at home and she is an ailurophile. People loving animals are my favourite kind of people. When you treat animals be it cats or dogs, show your deep humanity in you. It is a characteristic and trait that depicts that you give special treatment to your special people in your life. Being a felinophile, fosters humanity, protection, safety and welfare of mankind. Cats are greatest gifts of life. Cats leave paw prints in your heart. Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. The small feline is a masterpiece. Cats are a refuge from miseries. A cat changes an empty house into a house. Cats have everything, admiration, an endless sleep and an amazing company forever. In ancient times, cats were worshipped as Gods.

Cats are endless joys of life and a cosy home. They possess the magic of transforming sadness to happiness. Spending time with cat is a bliss. Cats are photogenic with every striking pose. Cats are lifetime gifts. Happiness is having a cat as a forever friend. Respecting animals is everyone’s duty and loving them is a privilege of few. Cats are meowsome. Home is where there is a cat. Cats are light in times of darkness. Cats are spirits come to earth. Happy is the home where there is a cat. Cats are cuteness overloaded, happiness overloaded and joy overloaded. Cats sense your messages by their instincts and come looking for their special people. Cats are curious by nature. As we say, “Curiosity kills the cat”. Cats are Zen Masters. A house is not a home without cats.

Being a canophilist and a felinophile together, Vedika believes that animals should be given special treatment. They should be cared, fed, loved and pampered. Her love for them is boundless, unlimited and unmeasurable. Cats and dogs procure endless and unlimited joys in our lives. Make it a duty to protect them and always think of their protection, safety and welfare.

I am Miss Luxhmee Jaypaul. I am 33 years old. I reside at Bel Air Rivière Sèche. I am An MA Hindi Degree Holder. I Work At MGI, Moka As Word Processing Operator. I Am a Writer and I Write In Various Languages Like English, French, Hindi, Bhojpuri And Spanish. My Articles are published in local newspapers Like News On Sunday, Mauritius Times and In Hindi Magazines Like Pankaj of Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Long Mountain, Bal Sakha From Hindi Lekhak Sangh, Aryodaye of Arya Sabha Mauritius. In The Past, My Articles Has Been Published in Magazines Like Opinion Express, This Week, Suman (Hindi Speaking Union Magazine), Vasant & Rimjhim Magazines From Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka. My Articles Has 

Featured In L’Express Newspaper, E-Newsletter Like Vishwa Hindi Samachar, Yuvaaj, Arya Yuva Newsletter. In 2011, I Won 3rd Prize In A Hindi Essay Writing Competition Organised By Hindi Lekhak Sangh.
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 In 2014, I Won 2nd Prize In A Short Story Writing Competition Organised By Bhojpuri Speaking Union. In 2016, I Won 3rd Prize In A Hindi Essay Writing Competition Organised By World Hindi Secretariat. In 2017, I Won 1st Prize In A Reminiscence Writing Competition At Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka Organised By the Department of Creative Writing & Publications. In 2018, I Won An Encouragement Prize In A Marathi Story Writing Competition Organised By The Department of Marathi Studies, MGI, Moka, Won 3rd Prize In A Hindi Poetry Competitition, The Madhukar Bhagat Award, Won 2nd Prize In An Essay Writing Competition Organised By The Small Planters Welfare Fund of St Pierre In Collaboration With the Ministry of Food Security and Won 2nd Special Prize In An Essay Writing Competition At the Municipality of Quatre Bornes Organised By the NGO Sukhi Parivaar At Quatre Bornes. I Am The Assistant Secretary In The NGO Women Foundation For World Peace And Assistant Secretary In the NGO Family Foundation for World Peace. I Am Also A Young Member of the NGO Mauritius Alliance of Women Since 2016 At La Louise, Quatre Bornes. I Am Also Very Active In All Hindi Institutions In Mauritius. I Have Been Part of Brahma Kumaris Mauritius. I Have A Bhojpuri Story Published In A Collection of Bhojpuri Stories Book. I Have Participated 4 Times In GOI Peace Essay Competitions In Japan. In 2018, My Story Was Published In The Website. I am a bookworm, football and tennis lover. Reading and Writing are my passions.

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