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Luxhmee Jaypaul

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She went to a good college and she was an average student. She was brilliant at studies. She was participating in every extra-curricular activities at college time. She has bagged a lot of awards and prizes also. She loved her parents and in short her family a lot. But she has struggled a lot for her studies and now she is a MA degree holder. She has an amazing personality. Her path of education was not that easy but nevertheless she overcame the difficult situations she has faced.

Roshni was a sensible and intelligent girl. She cared a lot for her parents. She started working in a Non-Governmental Organization for foster children. She has a societal life and she was spending a lot of time with the children. She was jovial, positive, cheerful and loved life a lot.

She liked to enjoy a lot and be free from tension. She was never stressful in life. Be whatever situations in her life, she would fight a lot. She has a positive attitude towards life. She loved going out with her family and she loved spending time with her friends also.

Roshni is a cultured andhas so many innate qualities. She is a multitasker and she does her work at perfection. She went to University and enjoyed University Life. She acquired so many friends during her University Life. She had spent an amazing time with them. She missed them a lot also.

She participated in many activities during her University Life and she bagged first prize in Street play. She was experienced in that field but with the help of her friends she bagged the first prize.

After her completion of her studies, she struggled a lot for work. But she managed to secure a job. She is a working woman and she respects everyone at work. She has an infaillible respect for all of them at her workplace.

She has become of marriageable age and her family got a good proposal of marriage for her. She dated the good guy and she got married to him. She was now married and she is living a happy life with her in-laws. She is a working woman and she has so many responsibilities to shoulder also. But nevertheless she kept a balance in her professional and private life.

Furthermore, Roshni is living a happy life with her husband and she is mother of two children also. Her in-laws loved her a lot. They took great care of her also. She begets respect from everyone. She has creative skills and she writes beautiful articles and poems. Her articles are being published in numerous magazines. She has administrative knowledge as she has handled the administrative block with perfection. She has coped with lot of pressure and work load.She has her own ideologies and she follows them by heart. She is a self-respected woman and is independent. She has faced so much storms and challenges in life.

Nevertheless, her education path was not that easy but still she struggled a lot to reach that stage today. She got so many gurus and teachers who have enlightened her path with their knowledge and guide her. She has ups and downs in her life but she fought her way and persevered a lot. As we say “life is a seesaw of sorrow and happiness. She never gave up.

Her parents were her greatest support and she acquired a high level of education. Her parents were her motivators. Roshni is strong strong hearted and she is still fighting to march forward in life. She has a knack of participating in competitions and she keeps herself busy. Writing articles is her favourite hobby and pastime. She gets loads of appreciation for that and she has an innate creativity. She writes in various languages. She is a versatile writer. People appreciate and read her articles.

She has a fighting spirit and books occupy a great place in her life. Furthermore, she believes in her capacity, ability, potential. She is a struggler, combatant and a fighter. She has a positive outlook and believe in hard work, perseverance and determination. Roshni is a self-respected girl and she had struggled a lot in her educational path. But she is proud of what she is today.

Roshni is an independent girl and she loves her parents and family a lot. She respects her parents a lot and cares and helps them a lot also. She has gained an ocean of culture and values from her parents. She is respected by everyone. Her parents love her a lot. She is a great bookworm and bibliophile. She reads world’s best selling authors’ books like Sidney Sheldon, Daniel Steele, and Paul Coelho.

She is an ideologue and she participates in loads of competitions to upgrade herself. She has bagged so many prizes as well. Prayer is inherent in her life and work is worship for her. She exudes positivity and instil confidence in people’s life. She believes in karma and has cultivated her own ideologies. She follows her ideologies. She is her own path maker and dream weaver. She believes in her dreams.

Being a functionary, she has gained experience of work. She has worked in a ultra-friendly environment and has enjoyed their company. She has learnt the rudiments and basics of work. She is very grateful to them. It was the ABC of her career. Nevertheless, she has coped with pressure and has fulfilled her duties honestly. She has shouldered her responsibilities perfectly. When she came to embark on her tertiary education, she met a lot of friends. They have motivated her. But her lecturers were a kinda lot of help and guide for her. They were always here for her. 8 years she started writing. She is a versatile writer. She writes in Bhojpuri, Hindi, English and French. She started her poem called “bottle”.

Furthermore, she multiplies her efforts in writing and was sending her articles to be published. Sometimes she was discouraged that her articles were not being published but she keeps writing. Recently, she bagged third prize in a competition at the national level. Today she is recognized as a poet. People love her poems and praise them as well. Great authors also encourage her a lot and keep boosting her spirit of writing. She acquires motivation by reading poems of other authors and she gets inspired and impressed by their writing style.

But she keeps marching forward and she has a versatile and is multilingual. She has mastered loads of languages. She keeps polishing her writing and she follows her goals and objectives in life. She has a clear vision in life and she is an apostle of Mahatma Gandhi. She lives a simple life but high thinking. She has great respect for her parents and her parents made her the person she is today. She is damn lucky to have such lovely and caring parents who have provided her with education, love, affection, values and culture.

However, she has great dreams in her life and she wants to create her own identity. She wants to go far in life but gradually she is going step by step. As we say little by little we feather our nest. Life has taught many lessons. She is lucky to have her parents and in-laws support and motivation.

I am Miss Luxhmee Jaypaul. I am 33 years old. I reside at Bel Air Rivière Sèche. I am An MA Hindi Degree Holder. I Work At MGI, Moka As Word Processing Operator. I Am a Writer and I Write In Various Languages Like English, French, Hindi, Bhojpuri And Spanish. My Articles are published in local newspapers Like News On Sunday, Mauritius Times and In Hindi Magazines Like Pankaj of Hindi Pracharini Sabha, Long Mountain, Bal Sakha From Hindi Lekhak Sangh, Aryodaye of Arya Sabha Mauritius. In The Past, My Articles Has Been Published in Magazines Like Opinion Express, This Week, Suman (Hindi Speaking Union Magazine), Vasant & Rimjhim Magazines From Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka. My Articles Has 

Featured In L’Express Newspaper, E-Newsletter Like Vishwa Hindi Samachar, Yuvaaj, Arya Yuva Newsletter. In 2011, I Won 3rd Prize In A Hindi Essay Writing Competition Organised By Hindi Lekhak Sangh.
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 In 2014, I Won 2nd Prize In A Short Story Writing Competition Organised By Bhojpuri Speaking Union. In 2016, I Won 3rd Prize In A Hindi Essay Writing Competition Organised By World Hindi Secretariat. In 2017, I Won 1st Prize In A Reminiscence Writing Competition At Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka Organised By the Department of Creative Writing & Publications. In 2018, I Won An Encouragement Prize In A Marathi Story Writing Competition Organised By The Department of Marathi Studies, MGI, Moka, Won 3rd Prize In A Hindi Poetry Competitition, The Madhukar Bhagat Award, Won 2nd Prize In An Essay Writing Competition Organised By The Small Planters Welfare Fund of St Pierre In Collaboration With the Ministry of Food Security and Won 2nd Special Prize In An Essay Writing Competition At the Municipality of Quatre Bornes Organised By the NGO Sukhi Parivaar At Quatre Bornes. I Am The Assistant Secretary In The NGO Women Foundation For World Peace And Assistant Secretary In the NGO Family Foundation for World Peace. I Am Also A Young Member of the NGO Mauritius Alliance of Women Since 2016 At La Louise, Quatre Bornes. I Am Also Very Active In All Hindi Institutions In Mauritius. I Have Been Part of Brahma Kumaris Mauritius. I Have A Bhojpuri Story Published In A Collection of Bhojpuri Stories Book. I Have Participated 4 Times In GOI Peace Essay Competitions In Japan. In 2018, My Story Was Published In The Storyhouse.org Website. I am a bookworm, football and tennis lover. Reading and Writing are my passions.

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