Circumstances and Purpose

Karima Zaroki

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Dunya was a six-year-old girl, living with her parents and older sisters, and she had a sister one year younger than her, living in an isolated desert in the middle of a mountain. Living for his family, her mother was a cleaning housewife and did the housework, her older brothers were cultivating and tending their fields, the little girl Dunya and her younger sister would wake up early in the morning, and every day they would go on their beasts to pluck sticks and pour water, and each member of their family is assigned a task of his own, they live Silently and slowly, content with their life and their time.
On a day when a constituent assembly came to the desert, it engineered a school in order to build and educate children and to combat the big problem in which these children live. That our children are doing our best and we do not want them to stay away from our service, and this was the choice of the children’s families, but Dunya’s family was convinced and at the same time was confused in choosing it, after three months and then the school was completed, the children had a desire to learn and enter the school because they In fact, she was tired of working too much. The news came to Dunya's family that their neighbors wanted to enroll their children in school, and they also decided to enroll one daughter in school according to their capabilities. While she was going to her father's, she met her older brother, he said to her: Why is all this going with this elegance? She said to him: She is very shy and shy, I will enroll in school today. Aki to take care of her, your sister is the one we will enroll in the school. You have no place in the school. Your place is to take care of and take care of the sheep. He hurt her with his words while she was still a child. He did not tell her in a beautiful way. The sadness in her eyes was shocked and she went to rest. She sat under a high tree. Her feelings were very hurt as she cried. She used to say, I have no dreams, I have no right to decide anything in my life, even my only request is to study and feel that I am alive. They wounded me when I was young. Lord, be aware. Even a child whose hair is inside me imprisoned her until she dies, and in the end I accepted the situation and their decisions, and she said this It is my destiny in this life. I will accept and bury this day in my heart. I have to go home. She came home. She changed her clothes and put on the first clothes for work. She washed and put the hat over her head.

After she took the sheep to take care of them near the school, and she looks at the children how they play and are happy, there was great sadness in her face, her mother used to watch her every day. She went to take care of sheep, fearing that she would not go near the school, when Dunya returns home, her mother calls her and says Anna told you that you have no place in the school and even near it again I will prevent you from leaving the house, Dunya is very sad from their harsh words, despite all their words, she goes to near the school and sits and stays all day looking at the children How happy, when she came home this time Her mother punished her and prevented her from leaving the house while she was convoy with her on the door of the room. She was a teacher who taught children. She looked at Dunya every day near the school and that sadness in her looks at the children and the school, but after Dunya’s absence from standing near the school, the teacher searched for Dunya’s house and the reason for her absence After arriving home, her mother came out and the teacher asked her how are you woman, she replied: Everything is fine, who are you, the teacher answered her while she was talking to her, I am a teacher studying in this school that is near you, the mother wondered and said, What is the reason for your coming here, is my daughter that you study She died of something, the teacher knew that Dunya's sister was studying at school. She said to her: Today I came to meet me, Dunya, the reason for her absence. She used to see her every day at the school. But I was the one who prevented her from going to that place, I am her mother and I see that sadness will not leave her and that place makes her more sad and we do not have the abilities to register her. She is her sister and also her sisters did not accept her entry to school, and I prevented her from not leaving the house, this is the only solution To prevent her from going to near the school, she said to her, “Can I enter there for only 10 minutes?” She was a hesitant mother, but she agreed to enter the teacher there. The teacher entered Dunya’s, and a little girl, Dunya, was surprised and said to her: “Who are you?” She told her that every day I see you by chance near the school sad with your looks Until I watched you from afar I feel you Anna I was like you when I was young, Dunya smiled and felt that someone came to understand her, the teacher said to Dunya I told your mother I will only talk to you for 10 minutes, I will tell you keep hope and delete all the desperate words that caused you to hurt the inner I am with you I'll give you a book to keep even though you don't get bored In order to know or even learn letters, but this picture book will give you hope in life, I hugged her and Dunya said to her: Thank you for your interest in me and even your positive words, the teacher said to her, I will visit you on this day and this time and I will answer you something beautiful with me and also for you I will help you to learn to read and letters, trust yourself and wait for me.

The teacher went to school, thinking about how she would help Dunya and asking herself how I would convince her two sons to visit me. After a deep thought, she decided to confront her daughter because she is the closest to her. She went to Dunya's house with a lot of gifts, books and chocolates. Go ahead, the teacher was happy after the mother hired her, the teacher said to her, “Can I talk to you about an important subject?” The mother was devastated and said to her, “Yes, what is the matter? Your child, madam, is an innocent child. I am with you. All your choices are you and your family, despite the circumstances that prevent you from teaching these two of your children.” It's a normal thing, but what is the reason for imprisoning that child in a room alone, and I know that she goes to near the school and that she did not agree with your decision towards her, then I rebuked her from studying and even freedom. She is still a little girl who wants freedom, and it appears to her in her mind that if she goes near the school, she will It relieves the psychological pain that this child suffers from, the victim of these harsh conditions, but I cannot, nor do I have the right, make a decision. Usually, the mother replied while she was desperately bowing her head. My child’s world I love her so much, and when I look at her sad, my heart hurts. This is her destiny. She is like her mother. We will not be able to enter the school because of the family, and this is the same between me and my child, her sisters did not accept her entry to school because she is a female in her place. He is occupying the house, this is the thinking that has caused me agonizing distress, I will accept your entry and even visit you to talk with my child and also I will throw her out of the room, the only thing that may prevent your visit is that you must come here like this day and also this time in order not to Throwing in my husband and my children, because they do not like to be visited by anyone. The teacher agreed and entered the house of a little girl, Dunya was very sad and crying, but when I looked at a teacher who was very happy and stagnated, I hugged her tightly and whispered to her in her ears, I thought that you would abandon me and did not come back.

I once again grieved a lot, but after you looked in front of me, I could not believe that you did not abandon me, the teacher replied, “I did not abandon you one day, until the promise that you made to you will come true, my little girl.” Books as well as chocolates and games and even the game Freedom of the Sea) The teacher said, This is a group of closets in which I will begin with you to learn letters and also even arithmetic. With me, even a special game, this is the freedom of the sea. All you feel is tightness. Imagine that you are in the place of this freedom in the sea freely. 

Karima Al-Zarrouki, studying at Al-Farabi High School, increased on December 28, 2006, she lives in the State of Morocco, is a beginner in writing and has many mysterious stories that she has not published before

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