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Karima Zaroki

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There are sharks in your surroundings. Protect yourself and your inner soul from them. Dunya smiled and it was a plane of joy. I felt the happiness of everyone showing on the features of her face that he is cheerful, she said to her Teacher, I have to go, my little girl. Enjoy your time, and you have good news. Your mother will get you out of here, but do not disturb her, my little girl. Listen to her words well, and you will prepare for the beginning of a study. I will visit you as you missed us. Thera the teacher smiled and left, Dunya felt at first that she was a human being and a child and something of value <We girls when we feel attention from a certain person feel safe in life>.

Every day the teacher would go with Dunya to teach her writing and reading and play with her as well and bring with her gifts and toys, clothes, food and books. Their time passed with love, happiness, cooperation, awareness and education that the teacher was doing for Dunya, until the age of Dunya was twelve years old, he was between six Twelve years, a great improvement. She learned reading, writing and arithmetic very well and distinctly, with her burning desire to learn, and the credit goes to the teacher who stood with her in bad times, and was also the reason for her education and happiness. She has the secret of success, intelligence and intelligence since her harsh childhood, that is why her family and the villagers are calling her the impossible, destroying her every day by this name. Her village asks them about their dreams and the fairy tales they love were special to them.

She was sixteen years old and was getting more and more beautiful. The youth of the village all admired her, until the day when the handsome young man Ahmed would go with his family to ask for Dunya's marriage to her family. They are all talking. Al-Khatib's father spoke, "We want to ask your daughter Dunya for the marriage of our sons Yusef, if you agree. Father Dunya answered yes, we agree. Congratulations to you. (The family is in a happy atmosphere drinking tea) He started reading Surat Al-Fatihah, because it is a blessed step in their marriage, Dunya was happy. With her husband because she will leave the village to the city and start a new life, a week of preparations for a wedding went through. They prepared a wedding full of traditions, including the husband riding a horse and raising a white flag tied with paper, trees and flowers, and the bride wearing a traditional dress called the Moroccan caftan .... The weather was beautiful, all the people rejoiced A lot on that day, the wedding passed peacefully and on the second day of the wedding she collected her things and all her requirements (the wedding week), and in the morning the father-in-law and her mother-in-law (mother-in-law) came to take her with them. her because she s Starting a new life with her husband (the atmosphere of sadness and the mother's crying over the separation of her daughter), Donia left with her new family.

Donia arrived in the city and entered as if she was discovering a new world. She was happy with her marriage in this city. She met her first husband Mara from behind the engagement and the marriage took her for a honeymoon tour in one of the beautiful Moroccan cities called Saidia. There was a beautiful honeymoon for a couple, when a year of their marriage passed, Dunya heard that there was an opportunity to revive and realize dreams in life for people who had left school. Her husband was at work and I told him about this matter, he started to make you laugh at her, are you right or were you joking while he was making fun of her, his answer while she was sad, did not believe her husbandís reaction, yes, I am talking to you right, her husband answered her no, no, no, you are my wife and I work and bring you everything you ask for this topic Please, I don't want it to happen again (he respected her feelings in the end), Donia agreed and continued her life and accepted the situation as it was...... Three years passed and Donia gave birth to a girl named Nima. Because she was broken a lot in her life and even in an investigation, she wants to compensate the world of her childhood and her life with her daughter and the struggle to fulfill her daughter's goals, and I aim for her as well.

Fifteen years passed, Donia's daughter grew up and became beautiful like her mother, strong, tall, all her looks are self-confident, she has many hobbies that distinguish her from her colleagues, her school results are all first rank, and this is thanks to her mother, Donia, who, since her childhood, has cultivated in her love, confidence and success Motivation and hope every day. She helps her to converse with her as if she is a friend, grandmother, aunt, and father, as well as even the community.

My mother wants to give you advice from her experience in life, if you want to achieve a goal and reach the list of success, you must work in various ways, and you must not waste an opportunity presented to you with patience, and follow the example of God Almighty that he will not disappoint someone who struggled to reach his goals, you By trusting in God and thinking about various ways to achieve, love, determination and persistence in order to complete your dream, I warn you!!!!!! Do not give up your goals and dreams in this life because of a person or circumstances, because on the Day of Resurrection you will be held accountable for everything and for your innocent goals that you gave a promise and abandoned, be strong and difficult to marry like her mother, but she became a great engineer for aviation and space and also a famous writer She is now writing the story of her mother and how her fate was with various people and the life that did not spare her in her childhood and adolescence, and how she struggled in various ways until part of her reached success, today I am speaking on behalf of my mother according to her experience in life refraction.           

Karima Al-Zarrouki, studying at Al-Farabi High School, increased on December 28, 2006, she lives in the State of Morocco, is a beginner in writing and has many mysterious stories that she has not published before.

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