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To See The Queen
Trekking in Nepal
What's Left?
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Trans-Siberian Railroad
Bringing Home the Turkey
High in the Himalayas
Perfect Winter Day
Early Riser/Namaste
Photo by Giuseppe Mondý on Unsplash
Photo by Giuseppe Mondý on Unsplash

I have been mainly a playwright, but retired from that and am writing a biography of a man who traveled in Tibet in 1938. This trek afforded me a chance to see countryside similar to what he reported seeing. I also have written a novel, many pieces of flash  fiction, and poetry. I teach writing in an adult learning organization.  

I now teach a class of senior citizens here on Cape Cod at the Academy for Lifelong Learning.  It is a writing class called Telling Stories.

Lately (November 2022) I have been deep into writing a novel which was published last March and which is trying to find its place in the world. It's called The Friendship Quilts (but is a novel, not a how-to). Published by ATmosphere Press and available (of course) on Amazon as a $18.89 paperback and a bargain as an ebook. (Click here.)  Here is the press release.

The Friendship Quilts

     In the tiny town of Friendship, Indiana, Liz discovers the subject for her art history thesis: resident Geneva Gardiner           may be a quilting “Grandma Moses.”

Lifelong friend of Liz’s great aunt, Geneva uses only fabric given to her. She hopes to make 100 quilts for the needy. Her designs and use of color inspire Liz to label them “Outsider Art.” Liz and Geneva develop a warm relationship.

As nontraditional as her topic, Liz studied fine art at Indiana University and in Europe. For two years she taught English in Mongolia. Re-entering American academia, Liz discovers today’s quilting revolution. She interviews Geneva, visits major quilt exhibitions, reunites with her family and balances two new men in her life.

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