Easy Kill

James L. Cowles


Copyright 2021 by James L. Cowles


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This might interest a few of you. I don't know. It started as a story a friend told me that was just too hard to believe. If you have a couple of minutes, I hope you'll read it and give me your thoughts.

A friend of mine (I won't name him, because this might embarrass him), was telling me about this story someone told him a few days ago. He said the story was about a "bad dude" who went by the name of "Easy Kill," which my friend said could only mean two things, and I quote, 1. He's A chicken and afraid of his own shadow, or 2. He kills easily, because he just likes it.

My friend said the guy telling the story caused him to believe this guy, "Easy"  (he shortened the name), was just a really tough guy. He said Easy was a mountain climber and a pretty good writer. Anyway, he said, "Easy" climbed this mountain over several days and when he reached the top, standing there observing the mountain he had conquered, suddenly he heard a noise.  Startled, he looked up and saw a UFO. He said Easy was amazed at what he was seeing and scared to death. He said the thing was round and "kinda shaped like a wheel" and it landed right beside him. My friend said Easy was abducted and taken aboard this UFO by a couple of guys dressed pretty funny and "one of 'em even had wings."

I was immediately interested in this because I love science fiction, and I began thinking this would make a really good story, or even a book. I've been writing some since retiring and have already finished a novel with over 100,000 words.

Anyway my friend said these aliens took Easy up on this ship and into outer space. They showed him other planets and even took him to other solar systems.  He said when they came back to earth they made "Easy" build them a big garage for their space ship and they hung around for several days, getting acquainted with Easy. He said Easy was amazed and intrigued by everything he heard.

I just had to ask my friend if he had a way, or could get someone to help me contact this guy Easy so I could learn more of the story, because I really want to write about this wild thing. My friend said, and I quote, "Easy beat you to the punch. They told me he'd already wrote about it and even had his book published."

This kinda rung a bell with me, so I said, "Tell me again what this guy's name is?" He said, "I told you all I know. All I know is he went by the name of "Easy Kill."  Then it hit me like a flash and I said, "Oh, you mean the story in the bible, about Ezekiel?"  

He said, "Yeah, that's what I said, 'Easy Kill!"

See the Old Testament, Ezekiel 1-2

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