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Just to be clear--You own your story.  We don't ask for any right other than the right to display the story on our web site.  Your name will appear on the story as copyright holder.

There are no international limitations.  Stories from any country are fine, although they must be written in English.
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Sending Text By E-Mail

      Send your story file in the body of an E-mail or as an E-mail attachment.  Please send it as a Word or Open Office text file.  We cannot use PDF files.  Be sure you've copy edited it and checked the spelling.
       Please single space your manuscript.  You need not indent paragraphs, although that is OK, but be sure you  put a single blank space between them.  This will help me format your story for the internet and I'll appreciate it.  Some manuscripts arrive with continuous text, so we can't tell where paragraphs end or start.
      Be sure the title and your name is at the top of the story.  It's surprising how many come in with no title or author name.

      As of this date, May 7, 2022, we longer accept the use of pen names.  Sorry, but it makes extra work for me and I'm 81 on this date and don't need that.
     A short author's introduction to the beginning of the story is optional but a brief biography of the author at the end is required for contest stories. This helps us determine if you are truly a "previously unpublished writer."  Send these along in the body of your E-mail or as attachments.
     We can use one or two JPEG or GIF images with your story, so send them as E-mail attachments. 
Include your statement of ownership if they are your photos.  
Remember, it is your responsibility to get permission to use any copyright material you submit, whether text or photos.
      If you have non-digital photos, but have no way to scan them, we can do it here. Just send us the print photo with a suitably stamped and addressed return envelope if you want it back
     Include your regular mailing address and telephone number for our records. All your personal information is
 kept strictly confidential. Note that we invite readers to contact you, but their messages are sent to us. We then  redirect them to you.  
This assures your privacy.  You can then reply to the sender directly, if you wish.  
     To contact us with questions or to send a story by E-mail Click Here!
 Or, if this link doesn't work type this address into your letter - preserve@storyhouse.org

Regular Mail 

     If you can't figure out how to send your story files by e-mail, just send your story on a CD, SD chip, or thumb drive.  Please send in a standard PC format  (Open Office or Word is best for us).  (Note: we cannot accept traditional paper manuscripts.)

     You can send the introduction, biographical sketch,
 photo, and personal information on the same CD, chip, or thumb drive.  Our mailing address is:

Richard Loller
The Preservation Foundation, Inc.
2313 Pennington Bend Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Still have questions? Contact us.  Or, if the link doesn't work type this address into your email - preserve@storyhouse.org 

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