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With a Chilean born father and a German mother, Helene grew up in Brazil, Liberia and Germany. She took her university degrees, a BA , an MA and an MSc in London and Oxford, UK. Most of her adult life was spent in New York and Berlin.  Following the family tradition of traveling  and living in far away, exotic places, she has travelled to over 75 countries. Her longest trip was crewing on a cruise ship to sail four times around Cape Horn as a two stripe officer,  Her family's surviving documents, photos and heirlooms in addition to her own travel mementos feature prominently in her writing. 

March, 2022.  I'd like to bring  my book ‘Hitler’s Boy Soldiers to your attentionThe US edition is coming out in May. The UK edition, different publisher (The History Press) already came out October 1st, 2021.

It was very well received and is of interest, not just to WWII history buffs ,but also those interested in 20th century European history in general and it has a strong memoir element which some readers have said has moved them to tears. You can find comments on Goodreads.

Here is a good podcast by the UK History Hit channel on the book:

But there is all kinds of other stuff on the internet. The link -

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