A New World

Geary Smith 

© Copyright 2001 by Geary Smith 



View from sailboat on a foggy day.

I really don't know how I got here in the first place, so please don't ask me to explain that part of the story. After sailing through what appeared to be a dense fog, or heavy white smoke, I found myself in this world. I never truly believed in the Bermuda Triangle, or The Lost City of Atlantis, or anything like that, but after what I went through, I'm a true believer now in the paranormal. If you will sit down and allow me to take just a few minutes of your time, I will briefly explain to you the events leading up to my strange encounter.

Well, about a month after winning the lottery, 2.5 million to be exact, I purchased a sailboat.

Can you actually believe I won the lottery? I never won anything in my entire life. But, I did win and got about, after taxes, 1.6 million.

Well, the boat was nothing really fancy, just small enough that I could sail by myself. And, every Saturday morning, I would go sailing just to get away from the city. However, while reading, I sailed just a little off my desired course. And, when I realized where I was heading, I was surrounded in a deep fog and cloud. I couldn't see anything, only relying on my good senses, and my radar. After about thirty minutes, or what seem to be thirty minutes, I emerged from the fog. There was nothing out of the ordinary that I could immediately notice. However, once I got closer to shore, I noticed something very strange. I wasn't at the familiar shoreline of San Francisco that I had departed from many hours earlier. There weren't any other boats, cars or houses that I could see. However, there was something very strange indeed that I was staring at in amazement. Maybe I was lost, and had veered off course some kind of way. But, my compass and radar indicated that I was back home.

I was staring at mountains. Hugh mountains covered in snow and ice.

Where am I? Is this some strange place or world that is not recorded in the books.

As far as I could tell, the terrain was similar to Earth's. How big was the New World? I couldn't tell to be exact. But, later as I ventured from the safety and comfort of my sailboat, I discovered that it was about half the size of Earth. The world had hardly any lakes, oceans, rivers, etc, due to a previous war. And, most of the green life, plants, trees had been destroyed by germ and pollution.

The races of the people are divided. There are Whites, Blacks, Browns, and Yellows just to name the colors, however, there are other colors, Green, and Blue. Now, from my understanding, the Green and Blue people resulted from some type of genetic mutation, and believe it or not, it is the Greens that are the elite class in this world. Then the Blues, and followed by the other races. There had been not only a race war, but also a religious war that almost destroyed the entire population. Each of the races were all separated to different parts of the world, and only now are they coming back together in peace talks and meetings, that are directed and controlled by the Greens.

There seem to be a type of Communism-Socialism style of government, whereby everybody is taken care of, food, medicine and education are all provided. I was assigned to work in a huge lab. I explained that I was a Chemist in San Francisco, which they didn't understand. I guess that's the reason for the one stripe on my sleeve. I believe one stripe is for professionals, and two stripes are for the non-professionals. We communicated with the devices in our necks, all one language, and speech. When I arrived, I tried to speak in Spanish or German in order to try to communicate, that was to no avail. They were all holding their necks as they spoke. That's how I discovered how large the world was, through the device in my neck. All news and information was transmitted by the Green, to you directly. There were no televisions, and radios to get information. I was given a metallic suit with one strip on the sleeve.

There are no buses, trains, or planes, but only transportation modules at our living apartments. All you have to do is determine the location, and enter the modules, in which you are transported to any place in the world.

However, that is not very large, due to the race war and biological germs, which destroyed much of the world. And, something I thought even stranger than my current situation, are the children. I noticed that there were no children running and playing in the streets. Nor, did I see any elderly people. Children lived on their own part of the world, in which they were taught and trained how to work and live together. The elderly, were also together is some type of retirement system.

Religion was very unique. No outward expressions, or freedom of speech, or any other type of expression was permitted. We could worship, but only in secret and privately.

Money was not used, only what seem to be bar codes. Much of what we needed was given to us, in an orderly fashion. But, we were permitted to purchase items, directed by the Greens.

Criminal wore a special neck device, and were rehabilitated, which a special mind alternating device that their wore at all times.

Please understand that most of what I see here in this New World is very strange, and I can only describe it from what I knew in the past on Earth.

If anybody finds this bottle, and read my message, please be very careful not to follow in my path. I will be sending more detailed messages and descriptions of my New World as I learn more. Now, I understand why missing people, ships and planes, are never discovered or found once entering the Bermuda Triangle. I'm living proof of what happens.

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