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Jessica The Feline Sleuth
The Mystery Of The Queen's Necklace

Geary Smith

© Copyright 1999 by Geary Smith

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While dreaming about capturing ruthless criminals, Jessica was abruptly awakened by the sound of the telephone ringing. Gary answered the telephone. "Chief, is there something wrong down at headquarters?"

The Egyptian Dance Troupe was in town for three days to perform before visiting dignitaries. "Just before the performance, I want you to take Naibe the queen's necklace, and stand guard to make sure nothing happens to it," commanded the Chief.

Jessica's fur stood on edge, because it would be exciting to be on another assignment. Gary and Jessica picked up the queen's necklace at headquarters, and drove to the theater. The stage had been set with a huge pyramid. A young Egyptian woman greeted Gary and Jessica.

Gary and Jessica introduced themselves as they entered the room. Gary handed the queen's necklace to Naibe.

"I am Naibe," said Naibe while putting on the necklace. "The queen's necklace is very valuable to me and my people. I have never danced without it."

The performance was about to begin.

"Please sit in the wings and watch the performance," said Naibe. "That way you can keep an eye on the necklace."

Jessica thought it would be a good idea to check out the rest of the theater for spies and thieves.

After the performance, the people began to walk out of the theater. Jessica made her way back to Naibe's dressing room. There she found Gary, Naibe and two strange men talking. Jessica noticed that the man named Simi was extremely interested in taking a closer look at the queen's necklace.

"What a grand performance," said Nome and Simi.

Nome and Simi were two dancers in the troupe. "What's that cat doing here!" shouted Nome. "It is very bad luck. I will not perform with that cat around."

"It might be a good idea if you kept your cat away from the theater," said Simi to Gary.

"I guess I'll be handling this assignment alone," said Gary.

The following evening, Gary left home to go to the theater. "You stay here Jessica, and guard the house.

Jessica waited for Gary to drive out of sight before following him to the theater. "I can't let Gary handle an assignment alone," thought Jessica.

Jessica reached the theater, and stayed well out of sight, especially from Nome. After the performance, she slowly walked backstage. While peeping from behind a huge stage light, Jessica noticed a lot of commotion going on in Naibe's dressing room.

"The queen's necklace is missing!" shouted Naibe. "I had it on just a minute ago."

Gary pulled out his note pad, and began questioning Naibe for clues.

"Detective, I was wearing the necklace as I changed costumes," explained Naibe. "However, minutes later, when I looked into he mirror, it was gone."

It was important that the queen's necklace be found before the final performance tomorrow night. That gave Jessica less than twenty-four hours to solve the case. It's time for the super sleuth to go to work.

Perhaps, it was Naibe who took the necklace; she was the last person to have it on. Maybe, she wanted it for her very own. Perhaps, Simi took it. He showed a very keen interest in he necklace after the first performance. Or, maybe it was Nome who took the necklace. Anybody who doesn't like cats can't be trusted. Naibe's dressing room is the first place to look for clues. That's where the necklace was last seen.

Jessica slowly walked down the long corridor to Naibe's dressing room. She was very careful not to be seen by Nome for fear of being harmed. All of the dancers were on stage rehearsing. She searched Naibe's dresser, as well as, her jewelry box. However, it was to no avail. Just then, Jessica heard footsteps coming closer and closer. It was Nome. Jessica quickly leaped into the costumes hanging in Naibe's wardrobe.

"I will disguise myself,' said Jessica. "No one will recognize me as one of the Egyptian dancers."

Jessica had just finished putting on the Egyptian dress and head gear, when Nome entered the room.

"Excuse me," said Nome. "I didn't realize anyone was still backstage. Dress rehearsal will begin in five minutes."

"He didn't recognize me," said Jessica. Jessica walked onto the stage, and danced with the rest of the troupe. After the rehearsal, Jessica walked back to Naibe's dressing room to search for more clues. While walking down the corridor, she met Gary.

"Jessica, what are you doing here?" asked Gary. "I thought you were at home."

"How did you recognize me?" asked Jessica. "How did you see through my super disguise?"

"First, I would recognize those eyes anywhere," replied Gary. "And, second, your tail is sticking out."

Jessica walked into Naibe's dressing room. As she turned, Gary noticed something very strange. On the back of the dress, hanging on the clasp was something sparkling.

"It's the necklace," said Gary. 'It's the queen's necklace."

Apparently, as Naibe was changing costumes, the necklace came loose, with her being totally unaware that it was missing. After the final performance, everybody was praising Jessica for discovering the queen's necklace.

"Well another case solved," said Jessica. "Now lets go home and eat."

Geary Smith is married to Tonnette and has two daughters, Jessica and Somer. He has an M.Ed. from SFAU. In his free time, when he's not writing or reading, he loves to play golf or jog.

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