The Little Rain Dancer

A Retold Tale of the Rainbow


Geary Smith

© Copyright 2020 by Geary Smith 


Photo of a little girl dancing in the rain.

Somer just loves to dance in the rain.

Just let one drop of rain fall and Somer is dancing.  She will dance in the puddles of rain.  She will dance in the front yard when it is raining.  She will dance at school when it is raining.  And, she will dance at the park when it is raining.  Somer just loves to dance in the rain.

Somer, come in out of the rain,” they all cried.  “Come out of the rain before you get soaking wet and sick.”

Somer had her rain coat and boots and hat, holding an umbrella.  She would dance and spin around with her arms stretched out and let the rain fall.

I wish it would rain forever and forever,” thought Somer.  “That way I could dance forever and forever. Oh, I just wish.”

Well, seconds after Somer thought and wished it did start to rain more…drop, drop, drop..the rain began to slowly fall.

Oh, how wonderful,” danced Somer.  “Now, I can dance all the time.”

It did not take very long before Somer began to truly think about her wish.  It began to.rain more and flood the city.  Rivers, lakes, and streams began to overflow.  Houses and cars began to flood.  Crops on the farms were ruined. 

Oh, I wish it would stop raining,” said Somer.  “I love to dance in the rain, but I did not realize it would cause all of this trouble.”

However, it did not stop raining, but continued to drop, drop and drop.

Somer thought that if maybe she could just please the rain somehow, it would stop.

Maybe I can just tell the rain to stop,” said Somer.  “Please stop rain. Oh, please stop.”

However, it did not stop raining.

"Maybe I can offer the rain some of my candy,” said Somer.  “Everybody likes candy.”

However, it did not stop raining.

Maybe I can go inside the house of bake a cake, with frosty icing on top,” said Somer.

However, it did not stop raining.

After hours of thinking, Somer came up with a great idea. 

I know what might work,” thought Somer.  “Beside dancing, I love to color and draw beautiful pictures.  I will create a special colorful picture of a rain bow, and present it up in the sky.”

After hours of working, and coloring the brightest and colorful rainbow, Somer walked outside.  Seconds later, Somer’s picture was taken high into the sky, and immediately it stopped raining.

Somer saw her big rainbow high in the sky of many colors-red, blue, orange, yellow.

But, now I will never get to dance,” thought Somer.  “It will never rain again.”

However, several days later it did rain again, but after the sun came out Somer big rainbow was high in the sky to remind her of gift.

Now, after it rains, you will see Somer’s rainbow in the sky.

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