Positives and Negatives


Geary Smith

© Copyright 2014 by Geary Smith 


Photo of a girl's legs in cowboy boots.

I don’t like this at all,” said Somer.  “This is crazy.”

Somer tied her snow boots, pulled up her coat sleeve, and adjusted her wool cap that
covered her eyes.

We did not have to shovel snow back home in Texas,” said Somer.  “This is crazy to
shovel snow just to get out of your driveway.”

Somer and her big sister Jessica was shoveling snow outside of their house.

Stop complaining, Somer”, said Jessica.  “You think I like shoveling snow in this cold
wet weather.  I like to be inside watching television.  But, complaining about it will not
help.  The faster we get it done, the sooner we can go inside were it is warm.”

Somer was shoveling her last bit of snow, when she slipped and fell.

Ouch!” shouted Somer while rubbing her leg.  “Now, this would never have happened
back home.”

Yes,” said Jessica.  “But, look at our snow man that we built yesterday.  We never had
enough snow back home.  There are positives and negatives in everything.”

Somer could not help smiling as Jessica would always see thing positively.

Well what about starting a new school tomorrow, Jessica”, said Somer.  “What’s positive about that?”

It will be different,” replied Jessica.  “But, it will be alright. Just think positive”.

The following morning in homeroom Mrs. Smith turned to the class.

Now class this is our new student, Somer,” announced Mrs. Smith.  “She is from

Two girls behind her began to snicker.

Look at those cowboy boots and that shirt,” said one girl.  “There are funny looking.”

I’m not the one that looks funny,” whispered Somer.  “You both are.”  .

During lunch, Somer was alone eating.

Why did Mom have to change jobs anyway,” thought Somer.  “I miss my friends and
spending time swimming in the warm Texas weather.”

Hi, Somer” said one of the girls from class.

Hi,” said Somer while eating her sandwich.

My name is Toni, and I am very sorry about making fun of your boots in class.”

That’s all right,” said Somer.  “I guess they look funny to you.”

Haven’t you ever been ice skating before?” asked the Toni.  “Some of my friends are
going ice skating after school.”

No,” replied Somer.  “I never been ice skating.  Besides, I don’t have any skates.”

You’re kidding!” said Toni.  “It is great and I have an extra pair of skates.  It looks like
we are the same size.”

That afternoon, Somer was ice skating for the first time.

You are doing great!’ shouted the Toni.  “Keep going!’

It feels funny,” said Somer.  “This is fun.”

While taking a break from skating Texas must be totally different from Michigan,” Toni said.

It is hard to get used to,” said Somer.

So, how do you like skiing?” Toni asked.

Somer smiled. “It sure warms you up in this cold weather.”

Yeah,” said Toni. “But my favorite thing to do is swim.”

Mine, too!” shouted Somer.

You know this is a frozen lake where we are skating on,” said Toni.  “And, in the
summer we use it for swimming.”

Somer just smiled. “You know, said Somer.  “There are positives and negatives in

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