The Persnickety Prize


Geary Smith

© Copyright 2013 by Geary Smith 


Photo of an official NBA basketball.

Spell, Persnickety,” said Somer’s teacher, Ms. Jackson. “Spell
Persnickety and you will be the winner of the class spelling bee.”

Can I please have the definition?” asked Somer.“Persnickety means to be
fussy about small details, or requiring great precision.”

P, E, R, S, N, I, C, K, E, T, Y.”

You won!” shouted Somer’s friends. “You won the class spelling bee!”

Now you can pick out any prize from the treasure box,” said Ms. Jackson.
Any prize you want. Take your time and think about it.”

Gee,” said Somer while trying to decide with her finger on her chin. “I just
don’t know which prize to pick. There are so many to choose. I do like to
play basketball.”

The treasure box was loaded with all kinds of games, toys, candies, and
fancy gadgets with bells and lights.

Although, Somer had a hard time choosing her prize her friends-Jessica,
Toni, Henry and Keith had their own ideas.

You should get that nice flute,” said Jessica. “Then you can sit next to me
in the flute section in the band.”

Maybe,” said Somer. “That would be nice.”

An electric helicopter,” said Henry. “Then we could both go outside and
see how high it could fly.”

That’s a good idea, too,” said Somer. “That would be a fun thing to do

Wait,” said Toni. “An art set would be the best choice. Then we could
color many bright and pretty pictures together.”

I like art,” said Somer.

So, which prize do you want?” asked Ms. Jackson.

I am not sure,” replied Somer. “Can I make a selection tomorrow?”

Somer thought long and hard about what prize to select and what all of her
friends had suggested.

The next day at school.

Come and see!” shouted Somert to her friends. I made my selection!”

Jessica, Toni, Henry, and Keith came running. They looked at the round
box Somer was holding.

That’s not the right shape to be a flute,” sighed Jessica. “it is not long

It’s too round to be an electric helicopter,” said Henry.

Maybe it’s an art set,” said Toni hopefully.

No, it’s not an art set,” said Somer. She opened the box to show everyone.
It was an official NBA basketball.

Look, an official NBA basketball!” said Somer. “Now I can practice my
jump shot, and free throws!”

Jessica, Henry, Toni and Keith watched Somer twirl the basketball on the
tip of her finger. Then they all laughed. “A basketball is the best prize for

Yes!” said Somer. “Now, let’s go play two on two.

And, they all did.

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