Stand Your Ground

Ezra Azra

Copyright 2023 by Ezra Azra

Image by CoolCatGameStudio from Pixabay
Image by CoolCatGameStudio from Pixabay 

 The unidentified flying object in the sky was being secretly tracked for years by the Nation's Armed Forces.

If that UFO was aware it was being tracked, it certainly did not care. It continued its criminal behaviour of stealing farmers' livestock, and returning the chopped-up bloody remains of the animals, days later, exactly on the ground from where the kidnapping had happened.

That UFO, or others like it, showed particular interest in the Sneddon ranch. In three animal pillagings over two years the Sneddons had lost fifteen prize-winning animals to UFOs. Rancher Sneddon had dutifully reported the crimes to the Police.

The Police, by their strict procedural protocol, had started their investigation with the chopped-up bloody remains. Their forensic analyses could not identify the chopping tool used by the choppers. They could say for certainty that there were no missing animal parts in the returned bloody pieces. Excepting these two definites, the Police investigations had made no headway.

The Sneddon family was unanimous in declaring war on UFOs, on their ranch. They invested in weaponry of various capabilities, and in drones of lethal combat. All over their thousand-acre cattle ranch, they executed planned patrols and electronic surveillance. The Sneddons did not take precautions to hide their preparations for open total war against UFOs.

The Sneddons' first hope was deterrence; that when, never if, the UFOs became aware of the war-footing on which the Sneddons were running their family ranch, the UFOs, being, obviously, of exceptionally high IQ capacity and ability, far, far beyond human comprehension and attainment, would go perpetrate their felonies on some other ranch.

A UFO returned, audaciously, one night. The Sneddons, as per plan, crippled it in the sky with a rocket attack. The UFO slowly and erratically descended to the ground. Smoke was streaking out of it from a number of places.

When it landed lopsidedly, dozens of short skinny humanoid turquoise-colored creatures fled in all directions on the ground.

The Sneddons hunted them down and mercilessly, righteously, shot all of them dead, and left the corpses where they had collapsed, each corpse spurting freezing-cold turquoise-colored liquid from its orifices.

None of the creatures emitted sounds before it had been shot dead.

In their ultra-safety mode, the Sneddons waited for sunrise, before they cautiously approached the crippled craft, and all the corpses.

By sunrise, most of each corpse had evaporated into nothingness, which suited the overall Sneddon plan just fine. Within a few more hours, there would be no trace of the existence of any of the corpses. The victorious Sneddons, righteously and justifiably, couldn't care less. They welcomed not being obliged to contaminate their ranch with the burial of illegal aliens.

So far, there were no signs that there were any living creatures still inside the craft; the Sneddons were taking no chances; they were prepared to wait for as long as it took, before they would make take-no-prisoners extermination plans to enter the craft.

If there were signs from inside the craft of repairs being attempted, the Sneddons had decided that they would have no choice but to assault the craft with lethal intent and force.

At sunrise, along with the sun, there appeared a motorized contingent of the National Guard. A Sneddon stopped that army on a road at the ranch boundary, by standing, unarmed, in the middle of the road.

That Sneddon, a woman, took care to be on the road on Sneddon ranch property. The army halted a few steps on the road on the other side of the Sneddon boundary.

"Sir, we are here on a National Safety matter." "Do you mean on the matter of that downed UFO, Sergeant?" "Captain, Ma'am." "Captain. Elizabeth Sneddon here. Granny."

"Yes, Mrs Sneddon, on the matter of that UFO." "Ms, Captain. I am Granny to my seven sisters' children's children. Two-hundred and twenty-two of them." "Granny, it is, then."

"Captain, that UFO is on private property. Sneddon property." "Granny Sneddon, we have been tracking UFOs in this State for years. Their appearance all over the Country is a matter of National Safety."

"Captain, UFOs have been pillaging and plundering our livestock during all those years you have been merely tracking the criminals. Surely, Captain, you do not think the UFOs were not aware of your tracking. My family did not and does not have the resources to track, Captain; and, so, we declared war on them, and we are winning. Had you, with your infinitely superior resources had declared war on them years ago, our Nation would have won that war years ago. Just as we Sneddons won it last night. Don't you think, Captain?"

"Ma'am---" "Granny, please." "Granny Sneddon, my orders are to set up a perimeter around that downed UFO. Please, move aside, so that I might follow my orders. The National Guard is here on a matter of National Safety."

All the while the Captain was in communication with Granny Sneddon a few other soldiers in stationary jeeps were standing and scanning areas of the Sneddon ranch in the distance, through binoculars. One of them climbed out of his jeep and went to the Captain and, reaching out, he handed his cell phone to the Captain. The Captain took the phone and read the lit-up message displayed on the screen. He handed the phone back. The soldier returned to his army vehicle.

"We are at a standoff here, Captain. You are here on a matter of National Safety, and I stand here on a matter of defending my family's right of ownership of that UFO craft. For years we have been criminally victimized by UFOs. You say you have been tracking them for years. That means you must know of their criminal behaviour. You took no measures to protect us tax-paying citizens from those criminals. That makes you complicit in their serial crimes. We took action against them, Captain. Our actions have eventually succeeded. My entire family is armed to the teeth, Captain. If you enter our property, we will have no choice but to use lethal force in defence of what is legally and righteously ours. Whatever weapons you have, Captain, we have them, too, and we have in addition, combat drones, rockets, and rifles with ranges of miles. I suggest you contact your General, Captain. And, if you are interested, look up in the sky behind you. News helicopters. We took the precaution to let them know we will shoot at any News helicopter that flies over our ranch. And yet they still hover about. The moment you cross over onto our ranch, they will follow you, like the vultures they are."

The Captain did not look up at the sky behind him. He and Granny Sneddon looked at each other steadily, and benignly defiantly for-the-moment, for tense seconds.

The Captain blinked. He detected, approaching from far behind Granny Sneddon, a limping, short, skinny, humanoid turquoise-colored humanoid-looking creature, weakly waving a white flag.  

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