The Revenge of Wild Life

Ezra Azra

Copyright 2022 by Ezra Azra


Image by Martin Katler at Unsplash.
Image by Martin Katler at Unsplash.

Her feelings were in a turmoil. A somewhat happy turmoil. Out of the blue, he said he loved her. He was handsome. He appeared to be wealthy. No young man had ever said that to her. She did not know what the appropriate response was.

This was her first year out of High School, and her first semester enrolled at a university. The complete and utter chaotic freedom on campus was already taking a heavy toll on her heretofore staid personality. So many choices. All exciting. Too many, contradictory. At nights at home, the excitement was the cause of her sleeping neither well nor long.

And now this! She had seen him from a distance over the days, now and then, among the crowds of students. She had seen many, many young men she had caught herself secretly and harmlessly lusting after. But even in her most hidden deepest desires, she had never thought any of those handsome men would take a serious interest in her.

When she recovered from her momentary shock, she had stammered "Uh, sorry. I don't feel like that. For you." And he left. She stood there for a minute or two, breathing quickly and haphazardly. When she felt she was beginning to regain control of her emotions, her first recognizable reaction was an inward shriek of immature laughter whipping her on to find someone with whom she could share her disrespectful and insensitive hilarity.

Some of her High School friends had come to university with her. She instinctively searched for them to make them 'green with envy' and, a few, downright jealous.

She instinctively resisted. She wasn't  that bad a person. She would wait a day-or-two. After all, when she decided to enroll at university, she had promised herself she was going to be a better person than she had been at High School. She was quite open to waiting longer than a day-or-two.

She didn't see him around again for weeks. She looked for him, surreptitiously, of course. Sometimes she caught herself wishing he would pester her. There was nothing deep about her curiosity. There was nothing deep about her in these few weeks on campus. In all ten years of school before university, she had built a reputation of being a silent and deep student. So far, there was no indication of that reputation. The demands of too much fruitless campus freedom.

He would have been easy to spot. He was always dressed in bow tie, suit, and hat. She was pleasantly confused at what to think of a man that young wearing a bow tie. Her first ever.

The quality of her academic studies became a casualty of her popularity. She failed the first two tests in all four of her courses. She should have been devastated. She hadn't failed a test in her previous ten years. She was only mildly embarrassed. Mild was all she could manage because of the wealth of romantic attention she was being showered with by handsome young male students every day, everywhere she went on campus.

Her wildest fantasy materialized. A young unmarried professor was sending her discrete signals that he was interested. She went to his office, ostensibly for academic counselling. He suggested she enroll in the two courses he taught.

It pained her to decline his offer because he was teaching in an area she had not heard of until he mentioned it. She was going to have to spend extra time to do better, much better, in those other four courses.

Another failure would result in her being put on academic probation. Her parents would be vindicated. They had not allowed any of their previous four children, all daughters, to attend university. Two of them had been married off halfway through High School. Her parents' opposition was not as determined with her only because it was significantly diluted by the presence of seven grandchildren, and more promises from her than she could remember.

Probation would nullify all freedoms; would bring out the worst in her sisters whom she had ever believed hated her because she was more beautiful and higher IQed than any of them and their husbands.

She would be bundled off in an arranged marriage. She knew of at least three potential husbands favoured by her parents, waiting to pounce. She was the youngest; the last of her parents' Cultural and Religious responsibilities. After they married her off-and-away, they could live happily ever after, basking in the envy of all other Grandparents in their local Community.

She couldn't afford to fail another class test. Even a low pass would be good enough in these desperate times. A low pass was acceptable? How had she descended to this? She shoved it out of her mind.

She was confident she could do both; improve her standing in those four Courses, and continue to secretly be close friends with the professor.

Two weeks later she struck gold! Perfect marks in all four courses! Her flighty friends were ecstatic for her. She had reverted to being her usual exceptional self, as they always knew she could be when she chose.

In her intoxication of pride with having become her original excellent self, she misplaced her expensive genuine alligator leather bag fashion accessory. Hand-made, one of its kind, over-the-shoulder-strapped.

A High School graduation present shipped by her sister who was wealthily married in one of those countries infested with alligators and crocodiles and other human-eating beasts. A conversation piece wherever she took it. Some persons gushed about alligator; others about crocodile. She didn't know, nor cared about the difference. The scales glittered different colours, night and day, no two scales the same colour.

Her professor had been particularly interested, declaring he was unaware those killer reptiles glittered in the wild. Definitely a Mother-nature mistake in engineering.

She had surprised and impressed both herself and the professor by impulsively asking, "How so a mistake, professor, when neither ugly thing had a natural enemy predator-for-food in the wild?"

Strangely, she could not recall where she last held the accessory. Had to be at home. Had to be, especially since her spectacular successes in those two tests. Some of the contents were priceless souvenirs.

She received an anonymous note in the mail at home. Someone had found her priceless accessory. It would be returned to her in the library at a specified time and at a specified study-kiosk.

She knew the note was not from the professor. They were meeting 'accidentally' often enough for him to not need a special meeting to return her accessory.

Whoever had found it, she desperately hoped they wouldn't look inside.

She hurried. She arrived early. There were few people in that section of the library. The kiosk was almost hidden in a corner behind shelves. She saw nobody at the kiosk. She recognized the accessory on a desk. She saw the note taped to the accessory. "Downstairs. Red car."

Red? Must be new. They had gone places in his dark-blue car. She was excited, so excited that she didn't pay close enough attention as she opened the accessory. She bruised a finger on the bronze locking mechanism. Worse; the piece was empty! Her sudden fright upset her balance. She stumbled-sat in the chair.

He had removed everything! Anger expelled fright. Her dry eyes burned. She needed tears, but she wasn't in the mood. She dashed downstairs, clumsily clutching the thing.

She turned the corner. The red car! The bow-tie man! He opened the passenger door. She did not know how she got into the car. He was driving them through a quiet and socially upscale district of the city.

"Congratulations on your perfect test marks. I was not aware you had such expertise in that area." "You looked inside!" "I had to find out to whom to return it. And there the tests were. One hundred percent in both tests? You are a genius. I feel so fortunate to know you so closely."

In mightily controlled anger and disgust, "You do not know me 'so closely.' Please return my papers!" "In time. After we talk." "I don't want to talk. Where are you taking me?" "To my home." "I don't want to go to your home. You are kidnapping me." "The tests are at my home. For safe-keeping. Your tests with the perfect marks. And the professor's notebook with the answers you copied."

Her mouth dried up instantly and fiercely. She gasped. Her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. The tears gushed so suddenly, she didn't have time to prevent them from splashing into her mouth and up her nose. She convulsed in a spasm of coughing and choking and messy sneezing.

He stopped the car. He hurried to the other side and opened the door. She stumbled out onto the quiet street and vomited on the sidewalk. She would have collapsed to her knees had he not quickly came to her side and steadied her.

He offered her a voluminous handkerchief. She snatched it. He helped her back into the car. "You are not being kidnapped. If you prefer to not come to my home, I will drive you anywhere you want. Just say the word." "Just drive! I hate you!"

"By the way, your bag's fake skin." "It is not! It's a present from my sister and her husband. They live overseas where those wild animals roam free."

"My Dad and Mom work in such a country for a few months each year. They are volunteer wild life conservationists. I sometimes accompany them. I have handled such animals in the wild. Although I have never had the misfortune to have held an animal's real skin taken off the animal, I know all about the faked version. Your side-bag is fake; expertly done; but every bit fake. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I am happy for the animal that escaped. Please become happy with me; you will be a better person for it."

Perhaps later. She didn't care right now to become a better person. She strangled the glimmer of liking him that smirkingly ambushed her from deep within. She just wanted to re-possess her incriminating possessions!

They reached his home. "Here we are." He slowed down to make the turn as the metal gates slid open. "Don't be concerned. There's nobody home." "That's the very reason I am concerned. Look, you know I cheated on the tests. And now you are going to take revenge because I turned you down."

"My love for you is honourable. I have no intention of revenge. I believe all wild life chose to give me leverage. Come, now. What was the number of possibilities that I would be the one to find that fake love of your life? And where I found it? If I wanted revenge, we would not be having this conversation. Come look at my home. If you still do not care to have a romantic relationship with me, so be it."

"Even if I turn you down again, you will return the tests and the notebook to me?" "Of course. Although I hope you will consider a minor reward for my being so decent." "Minor like what?" "Shower safe- sex."

Those many wild fantasies she had conjured up with him before the professor had entered her world, came to his assistance. Shower safe-sex was a small price to pay to avoid exposure as a cheat that could get her expelled, and get the professor dismissed.

Besides, it's bound to be a fabulous shower. She's already overwhelmed by the size of the home from the outside. His car. The gardens! The variety of cuddly, wild, furry little beastie animals!

Her mind threatened to succumb to dizziness at the probabilities what remedies her parents would resort to at the disgrace she will have brought on them.

"Shower safe-sex just once." "Just once. You choose the day or night, and the duration."

"Right now. And I get the papers immediately." "Immediately."

And so it happened. Safe shower-sex. She was let down by herself. She was mildly disgusted with herself for allowing the shower session to last so long. She splash-slapped his hands away a few times, the last times somewhat gently. She resisted smiling at being aware of how careful he was about staying clear of her teeth.

So many things about his home were far more luxurious than she had known existed. She shamefully wished she could have had opportunities to explore some of those other shower angles.

She was triumphantly content her virginity was intact. He had proven to be honourable and courteous in every manner and maneuver throughout. Darn! Damn him!

They were dressed. She faced him sternly. "My papers?" While putting on his coat, "In your thing." "No, they are not in my "thing! I have looked." "I take it, then, you don't know about your thing's false bottom? I put the papers there when I left the thing for you in the library."

She clenched her teeth! That's it! Last straw! She had to kill him! With her bare hands! This is the perfect place and time! Nobody knows she's here. There are any number of best places to hide the body in those beautiful gardens. Those many adorable little cuddly wild life furry creatures could be roped in to be expert accomplices in disposing of the body. Long before his wild-life-animal-loving parents returned he would have become stinky compost.

And, even, best of all, I won't have to tell my professor! 

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