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Image by SAIF 4 from Pixabay
Image by SAIF 4 from Pixabay

Vivian opened her eyes. It was night. She was asleep in bed. She was irritated. Another nightmare! She squished her eyes tight, turned on her side, pulled the blanket over her head, and wished she could go back to sleep immediately to erase the nightmare.

The bedroom light came on. What! In shock she moved the blanket from over her head; swung herself to be on her back. "Vivian. Good. You are awake." She looked up to see who it was in her bedroom. "Who are you?"

"Easy. Easy. In your language, I am a nurse." "I am in a hospital?" "Something like that. You are not hurt. What is your last memory before you went to bed, Vivian." Vivian looked at her, trying to remember. She spoke, guessing hesitatingly. "I was in bed." "Yes." "People were there." "Yes." "Some of them had tears,--" Her voice trailed off. She looked at the nurse. The nurse was slightly smiling, and nodding, barely noticeably.

Vivian spoke softly, struggling to believe herself, "I was dying?" "Do not be depressed, Vivian. Yes, you died; but you are not dead anymore." "I do not understand." "That is normal. In a few minutes more you will understand everything, and be most happy. Keep in mind the meaning of your name, Vivian." "Alive." "Yes. And now alive forever and forever."

The nurse continued speaking as she went about arranging things in the room. She wheeled a screen into place. There were items of clothing draped on parts of the screen. She opened the curtains; bright sunlight flooded into the room through the window. Other persons entered the room, carrying things to erect a table, and place on it a table cloth, and tea things, and so on.

"While you dress, I will tell you." Vivian went to behind the screen and proceeded to change out of her pyjamas. "You lived for twenty-eight years. You fell ill during a world pandemic. You died, and you are now here."

"Where is here?" "Where you were on Earth." "I am still on Earth?" "Yes." Vivian paused in her dressing; she popped her head above the screen and looked wide-eyed at the nurse. "Finish dressing, Vivian. You need to be sitting for the rest of the happy news."

The nurse moved to the table and set about pouring tea for the both of them. Vivian hurried finishing dressing, and sat at the table. The nurse served, and then sat opposite Vivian, and continued speaking in a soft matter-of-fact tone.

"You are on Earth, Vivian, in a different concurrent time dimension. Where we are here, there are Earth people occupying this space as well, right now. Their time dimension and ours function in the same areas at the same time, but do not interact with each other. Our physiology frequencies are different. That is why we are invisible silent spirits to humans."

"And we are invisible to you?" "No. Human physiology functions at a frequency so much lower than ours, that humans to us are as stone statues."

Both are quiet for a few seconds.

"Why did I come here?" "We do not know. That is why we are still on Earth. We are studying the situation to find out." "You are not of Earth." "No. We travel all over the galaxies, looking for life. Hoping to find our kind of life. Along the way we have found worlds like Earth, that have some life that can interact with us, as you have interacted." "How many, so far?"

"So far, in the millions of years we have been here, fourteen: three humanoids, you are the fourth, four cats, four dogs, and one mosquito." "And, so far, are you making progress in finding out why? How?"

"Not why or how. Not yet. But a little of what. We have established one tangible fact. The time difference between our dimensions is 1-to-a little over 21 million minutes. That is, when one hour passes in the human dimension, twenty-four hundred years pass in our dimension."

A long silence followed, as each sipped tea and nibbled on biscuits.

Vivian spoke softly, almost to herself.

"In other words, in the five minutes-or-so that I have been here, about two-hundred years have passed in my human years." The nurse nodded slightly.

"So, if I were to return, everybody I know, will have been long gone." The nurse nodded again, slightly. "Can I return, anyway?"

"Just say the word, Vivian. We sent the animals back the instant they arrived."

"Those three humanoids?" "They did not want to even think about going back. Quite afraid, in fact." "Criminals?" "That thought occurred to us; especially because they arrived here wide awake and handcuffed to one another. In this dimension nobody has the ability to hurt anyone. And, so, we ignored the probability that they were criminals." "Righteousness means nothing here?" The nurse shook her head, nearly imperceptibly, "Sorry." "Female, male?" "All women; about your age. All the cats and the dogs, too, female. Probably the mosquito, as well."

"Where are those persons now?" "I do not know." "Can they return to the human dimension?" "Not without our help. It is a complicated process."

A long silence. Softly, "What is my life expectancy in this dimension?" "As ours is, forever, at your present age. And that is not the best part. Here every life has the ability to temporarily change its outward appearance."

Vivian's eyes opened their widest possible. The nurse smiled, "I will be happy to teach you, Vivian. In a few hours, you will be an expert."

"Your species has been on other planets in the universe?" "Are on other planets in the universe, Vivian." "Millions of years?" "Millions of years." "And still no answers?" "Just the one. The beginning one, that we are of a different and excessively high one-of-kind life frequency, that makes us immaterial to all life forms we have encountered, so far. And this fact we discovered only by forms like you making the time-dimension shift."

"You are immaterial to us." "Yes." "Are we immaterial to you?" "No. To us you appear to be solid stone." "And so, you are unable to study us as living forms."

"Right." "A hurdle that can be overcome if I went back with my as yet inexplicable capacity to access both time dimensions."
The nurse was stunned speechless, wide-eyed. She spoke slowly, softly, in amazement, "And we have those eight animals and a mosquito already there, more-or-less immortal and definitely ageless." "It might not be easy locating the mosquito." They laughed, lifting their teacups in a toast to each other.

In awe, "And you, Vivian, will have another inside track. Humans have a genetic affinity with stone. So close, that in cement and brick they have created stone that is not found in their natural world." "So, in a sense, we relate to stone as you relate to us."

In admiration, "Yes, Vivian. Brilliant. I insist you return. You will definitely be of significant help in our search for answers."

"I thought I heard you say fourteen." "I did." "Four humans, four cats, four dogs, and a mosquito. That's thirteen." A long pause.

"I am the fourteenth," said the nurse, softly. "They tell me I was the first, about a million years ago. Of a species naturally long gone extinct. It has been so long ago, I am practically not my species anymore. They have taken me to other planets.

Want me to change into my species for you now, Vivian?"

In a whisper, overawed, "First, tell me your name. Please."

"Of course. I did not have a name when I arrived here. I was this age. My species did not give ourselves names. I was given a name when I arrived here. Azra."

"Azra." "Yes." "What does it mean, Azra?"  

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