The Redemption of King Saul

Ezra Azra

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King Saul courtesy of free Bible
King Saul courtesy of free Bible
"And it came to pass on the morrow, that the evil spirit from God came upon Saul." KJB, 1 Samuel, 18:10.

"And the evil spirit from the Lord was upon Saul, as he sat in his house." KJB. 1 Samuel, 19:9.

King Saul was at his wits' end. His military situation was already hopeless, and he had just been informed that the High Priest, Samuel had died.

Samuel spoke face-to-face with God. Saul was counting on Samuel to be at his side, to provide him with war counsel from God. With Samuel there, he would not have been discouraged at the news that ten Nations were mobilizing in unity to war against him: Ammonites, Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites, Midianites, Moabites, Perizzites, Philistines.

His kingdom was surrounded; his army was outnumbered by, at least, hundreds-to-one.

Without Samuel at his side, he would have to wait for God to appoint a High Priest successor, before he could rely on God's help.

His army General-in-charge, General Degdoe, suggested his majesty consult Witches, a normal resource among the other Nations.

The suggestion came naturally to General Degdoe because his family, only one generation ago, was not of Saul's Nation; nor of Saul's Nation's religion. They had converted because they had become incredibly wealthy in their commercial enterprises living among the King's people.

King Saul decided he could not afford to wait for the appointment of a successor to High Priest, Samuel. He gave Degdoe the go-ahead to locate a Witch that cauldron-conjured spirits of dead persons.

All over the world, it ever has been a well-known proclamation of every cauldron-Witch, "I see gods ascending out of the earth."

The Witch twin Sisters, Raza and Reza, in their mountain-cave home in the wilderness of Endor, stood tensely in their cauldron room, staring at their front door.

Their cauldron behind them was in a slow, silent boil. Its slowly wafting sentient nearly-freezing steam, continually shaped in-and-out of multicolored living forms of humans, animals, aliens.

The one Sister whispered, "The cauldron was right." "As expected." "He is here!"

A sudden violent thumping on the door did not unnerve them. "Who is it?" A stentorian voice replied from outside, "I am General Degdoe, on the King's business. Open the door."

The Witches gave each other the thumbs-up signal. "This home is on neutral ground, sir. Neither king nor any Almighty God has jurisdiction here, sir."

"I am not here on jurisdiction matters. I am here on a matter that will make you fabulously rich. Now, open this door, or I will leave."

The Sisters did not move from where they were standing. With co-ordinated brief necromantic ritualistic movements where they stood, side-by-side, they opened the door its widest.

The General stepped in. He threw a bag of coins at the feet of the Witches.

He referred to the bag on the floor, "Enough for you to retire on in royal comfort." One Witch spoke while the other, with a gesture, transported the bag to somewhere behind them in the room. "Thank you, General Degdoe. State your business with us."

"King Saul sent me." In speaking to the General, the Sisters randomly alternated turns. "General, of the eleven kings of the eleven nations in this part of the world, King Saul is the only king who has banned us from his country. That is why we live and practise here, far from his jurisdiction."

"Times have changed for the worse for King Saul. He needs your help. If you consent to help him, you will be paid ten times more than you have already been paid."

"We are happy to serve King Saul, and any king at those prices. But we dare not disobey an Almighty God, any Almighty God. His majesty was especially chosen by his god to be the first-ever king of his people. And that god is the only one of the fifteen gods in this part of the world who has specifically declared our services not allowed:

'Regard not them that have familiar spirits, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God.'

You place us in a dangerous situation, General. If we obey your king, we disobey your king's god."

"Witch, everybody knows your kind is beyond the power of any god. Do not, then lie to me about being afraid of my king's god."

"General Degdoe, a Sentience more powerful than Almighty Gods has allowed our kind invulnerability to Almighty Gods. We choose to not risk offending that Sentience by unnecessarily disobeying an Almighty God's law. We are content with that."

"There is no conflict, Witches. King Saul's god has rejected him. His god sent the High Priest, Samuel, to declare to King Saul, to his face, "Thus saith the Lord, It repenteth me that I have set up Saul to be king. I, henceforth, reject him from being king over my people." Now that Samuel has died, the kingdom is without both a High Priest, and a king.
In other words, Witches, the Nation's Almighty God has removed Himself from them. Hence, you risk no disobedience in granting Saul his request for your services."

"You reason well, General Degdoe. We grant Saul's request." "Good. His majesty will be here, day-after-tomorrow."

On the day-after-tomorrow, Saul came alone. The Sisters had already brought their cauldron to a boisterous angry sinister-silently boil. The sentient steam mischievously infiltrated every crack in the walls, the ceiling and the floor.

In the steam in the cauldron, many seemingly living forms noiselessly and viciously pushed and shoved and pummeled and jostled one another, competing to be the one summoned to step out of their deafeningly silent dimension of magic, into the noisy dimension of mortal realities.

Saul and the Witches were each standing within a protective circle drawn on the floor by the Sisters. "Your majesty, call on the person to whom you wish to speak."

"High Priest, Samuel, come forth. Your king commands you!" "Your majesty? A High Priest? Surely not here, your majesty."

"Samuel was a righteous servant of God, as was Eli, the High Priest, before Samuel. But their individual righteousness counted for nothing because both High Priests did not succeed in preventing their adult sons from turning away from God. Eli's sons, Hophni and Phinehas, and Samuel's sons, Joel and Abiah, made themselves vile, going after lucre, taking bribes, and perverting justice in the House of God. That is why both High Priests are here in your cauldron. Eli was before my time. I call up Samuel."

"As you wish, your majesty." "Samuel, come forth! It is your king calls. King Saul who God himself commanded you to anoint first King of his people."

Slowly, the number of denizens in the cauldron mist diminished in number. Within seconds, there was only one left.

Samuel, fully appareled as a High Priest, floated out of the cauldron and stepped onto the floor in front of Saul. He was furious.

"Saul! Desist!" "Samuel, when you were alive, you gave me counsel whenever I requested you. I and the Nation benefitted greatly from your practical wisdom." "My wisdom cannot be practical now that I do not live in your Dimension. I am of no use to you. You, Witches, send me back to the cauldron."

"Saul is our paying customer. We can send you back, only when he requests it or if he leaves without requesting it. Otherwise, while we remain in our circles, you cannot return to the cauldron."

"Samuel, do you remember why God withdrew his blessing from me?" "You disobeyed God." "Yes, and wherein was my disobedience?" "It does not matter, Saul. With God, obedience is all." "Even above righteousness, Samuel?" "Yes. I was all-righteous in my personal service to God; and, yet, look where I am." "As where I am because I chose in battle to be righteous and to bypass God's evil order I 'slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.'"

"God is almighty, Saul. Almightiness exempts God from being righteous when he chooses. This cauldron Realm is beyond God's influence and his laws, by his own admission. Here, I feel no pain in the knowledge that my Almighty God is not committed to be righteous every time."

"Samuel, I wish, too, to live in that Realm with you. I have summoned you to tell me how I may join you." "Only the Witches know how to grant that request, your majesty. Ask them."

Saul looked at one of the Witches. They looked at each other and smiled, and said, "We can conjure up even gods ascending out of the earth." "Your majesty, your General Degdoe mentioned ten times more." "I, alone, will bring your ten times more, day-after-tomorrow."

"Then, the day-after-tomorrow, your majesty, you will join the High Priest." "And nobody will ever know?" "Not even we, your majesty, nor any god, forever, after we delete the necromantic circles." "The day-after-tomorrow, your majesty." 

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