Story List and Biography
Dale Fehringer

The Shelling of Ft. Stevens
The Orange and Black Butterfly
Bringing Joy To Children
Celebrating Mark Twain
Healing Minds and Hearts
Paul Meuse
87 Denslowe Drive
At Odds with the World
The Loves of Miss Lil
A Very Special Favor
Shadowing Dashiell Hammett
Sam and the Bear
Good People
Michael Lacey Says Good-Bye
Will Rogers Entertained With Words
Climbing Little Round Top with Paul
Stephen King and the Writer's Toolbox
Clara Turns 100
Naresh Dreams of Paris
Go See Cal

Alice Marble: The Queen of Swat
Cuba: Cycling in a Land that Time Forgot
Mom's Diaries
Jerry Garcia: I Play for My Life
Joseph Strauss - The Mighty Task is Done
Smaller Dreams
Tony Bennett - Part of San Francisco
London throught the Eyes of a Cabbie
They Will Always Be His Kids
Learning to Appreciate the Sport of Curling
Self Doubt
Playing Cricket In India
Irving Stone's Steadfast Partner
Alma Spreckels Got Her Sugar Daddy
Thanks for My Rodeo
Ed and Wilma

Photo of Dale's father during WWII.
Photo of Dale's Father during WW II

Dale Fehringer is a freelance writer and editor.  His articles on people, places, and contemporary culture have been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers.  Dale lives in San Francisco where he shares office space with his wife, Patty, and calico cat, Molly.  He can be reached at by e-mail at

Dale's new book, San Francisco: Legends, Heroes, & Heartthrobs is now available for sale at  It has many fascinating stories I'm sure you'll want to read.  Click here.  

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