London through the Eyes of a Cabbie

Dale Fehringer

Copyright 2017 by Dale Fehringer


Photo of Dominic Shannon.

There is much to see in London and taxi driver, Dominic Shannon, will help you take it in – from a unique perspective. From the moment you enter his cab you embark on an adventure; not just moving around the city, but observing it. Shannon has been photographing London for years, capturing thousands of moments in time, from vistas to vagrants, and he gladly shares his views with his customers.

It started with a traffic accident when Shannon, a former boxer and family man from Camden, wished he had a way to record the positioning of the involved cars, so he bought a disposable, then moved up to a smart phone, and finally to a point-and-shoot camera. Today, he takes photos primarily from the cab of his taxi, often leaning on or shooting into the rearview mirror. Taken together, his photos are an extraordinary collage of an amazing city.

As he drives around London and happens on an interesting scene he takes out his camera and shoots it, often capturing images of things most people don’t notice: tattooed bicycle messengers, office buildings in the rain, policemen on horseback, a solitary woman sitting in a window.

He has shown his photos to his wife and kids, sharing with them what he saw that day, and he exhibited some of his photos at galleries. He has been interviewed by NBC, BBC, and other television networks and newspapers. Has it made him famous? “Not at all,” he assures passengers, “I’m still a working man, a cabbie.” Selling some of his photos did earn enough money to take his family on a vacation, and he smiles when he recalls that. But he doesn’t do it for the money or fame. He does it because it’s his thing.

There’s no tripod … no fancy equipment … just a simple camera and unique viewpoint. He sees something interesting and he shoots it. Sometimes the results are special, London from a unique angle, or an especially poignant moment.

Shannon has sorted his images into categories that include landmarks, bridges, stations, and people. There are photos of people, places, and events. He has collected some of his favorite photos on a website, at

Some of his images show a side of London that is avoided or ignored by most tourists: homeless men sleeping on sidewalks, workers crossing a street, shoppers walking in the rain. Others capture attractions or notables.

His customers might be surprised to see him take photos alongside them, and they might wonder why he continues to photograph what he sees every day. His answer: it’s his passion. He loves London and he likes recording it. And he enjoys being a driver.

I’m proud of what I do,” he tells his passengers.

Shannon has figured out a good way to spend this part of his life – capturing images of the city he loves, doing something he enjoys, and making a living doing it.

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