She Has Been Crying

KC Chan Wing Haw

© Copyright 2020 by KC Chan Wing Haw

Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash
                          Photo by Dmitry Bayer on Unsplash

Nuance of the human acts has arrived to a point where Mother Nature can only sit by and watch. Temperament so evocative and warm the climate has brought forth and relentless that driven us so mad. Have we not have had the heart to simmer down our thoughts to climate change. So apparent that each subject in all nations is restricted from stepping out of our homes. Once a home called a home but when during lockdown, we called it a doom, a boredom, a troubled mess we long not to stay any longer within.

Zany it can be as science today unveils the truth behind the mask of conoravirus - a transmittable disease that could destroy and take lives after lives. Do we have a heart not lending our poor listening ears to our nature? Why downplay this worldly challenge when we have the opportunity to repent and submit ourselves to God? Are we fighting against God’s will and dismiss what once this heavenly earth has offered us? Comfort, love and passion, we have forgotten how science and mathematics play such an important role in putting us on the right track as human beings.

Today, I read another opinion written by Marina Hyde from Guardian in The UK. She stated that the prime minister ‘Mr Johnson has decided the virus is a “mugger.’ Vexing is our present situation but rightfully we own our lives to our compassionate earth - have we not been a mugger during our tough times in the past. Haven’t history in civil and religion wars taught us to be more tolerant and understanding of our own human nature.

The closest war we have in time, Mujahideen fighting for the glory of their beliefs that their faith will save them out from misery. The other side of the continent couldn’t understand why they are so strong headed in their missionary while we ourselves forget we owe mother nature a great deal of apology for over spending power and authority over weapons.

Turning our backs against science and proper use of language and knowledge have caused quite a stir, only if we emphasized our inner prayers towards the end of human kinds. Fiction and non fiction, whether written in contextual meanings leaving us thinking life on earth is a part of our journey that has not taught us to be vulnerable to our own individual acts. Nature, such as well planted trees, flowers and all beautiful creations from God, has he not forgiven our sins?

Till today, we are fighting to redeem our pride and ego. We are fighting to regain our heavenly status on this very planet. We have doubts during times of crisis. We trust no one, not even our loved ones sleeping next to our beds. Are you infected? The question roams the fears underlying our emotional drives of nothing but fear. Our palms sweat in the midst when scientists mentioned in newspapers so recent that vaccine is on its way. How true? We are all kept in the dark. Should we rely on science or on our own evil deeds to realize what it’s needed done is to compromise for a little more.

Look around us, we have forgotten how God loves us so deeply that he allows our mistakes to be our teacher, not him. We choose not to listen because he gives commands that sound like thunder. We forbid children from learning from some other veterans for fear God interferes. God has not played foul in our daily events. Take a look at the death tolls that spin around across the globe, no one is spared if we hid our utmost deepest feelings to this planets’ achievement. What are your children’s dreams? Are these dreams once more a possessive ones that long ago we as a child share with nations, parents and the world?

Narcissism such a word shares the beauty of narcissus and daffodil - but in the mirror of suffering men, we have not attempted to endure the other contrasting meaning of it. Fight - seems to be in our blood. Like a sword that freely stabs into the heart of Mother Nature, condemning her as evil and soulless when bring forth such a human affair to her court of justice.

Another disturbing news ransacked my peace a week ago and I thought to myself, what happens to the sick ones who endure for so long are to smile and agree to Mother Nature - You have done it right this time. He was waiting for a bypass, Hunter Davies, another English patient quietly put up with the hospital waiting list while on the other side of the world, we protested to get out of our homes and resumed our partying.

This is 2020 and we have heard rumors and stories and scientific facts that the world is coming close to an apocalypse. In our own selfish approach to this underlying concept, we shut down people who further exemplify it. We call them the evil souls for we hold only one principle in our hearts - vengeance.

In the most recent New Yorker Daily Shouts ‘Hunkering Down With Eddy’ by Cathy Malkasian, it illustrates how well we handle crisis as such. Mother Nature has forbidden us to move around like freeman who holds his head high up as if he is free from crimes. Forbidden City in China continues to be the highlight of conoravirus second wave.

There are so many topics and subjects we have not taught our children well enough to survive in this impetuosity era of time. Despondence it might seem upon the education system we have globally; but on the other side of the coin, a small fraction of us has been instilled the righteousness and courage we should strive forward to make a difference in the world.

A home we once called, framed with good and bad memories of past and present. History and documentary channels have provided us so much resources that groom us to be a better citizen of tomorrow. Our homes today have called for us to think better of our next generation. If we survived the second wave, we shan’t call ourselves the hero and beg for prizes; indeed, this is a challenge we ought to face no matter how tough it may seem. Home shall redefine its purpose in its new resurgence in time and we as mankind shall obey and seek for truth in no matter what fields that interest us. 

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