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Aravindan Sumaithangi Sambasivam

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Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash


Death itself is not be observed as negative word. It can be boon or curse depending upon. Hence the death or demise is to be monitored or at least should be noticed by us in order to ascertain the same is growing in the form of boon or curse. The awareness on the age of death and the mode is to be highlighted globally in order to avoid losses of precious lives due to human being’s carelessness.

Medical advancement:

Medical advancement and treatment of diseases have reduced the death rate drastically. But it does not mean reduction of middle aged deaths globally. On the contrary Middle deaths have increased a lot due to medical/mental sickness. The availability of medical treatments and medicines through various sources have increased the length of life for the aged people and children. The cost of such medical services/medicines are too high to be noted here. Even though the governments are extending medical services to the poor, the quality in the steps of such medical services need to be enhanced to maintain at good level. This medical advancement has also increased the quantity of aged people to disproportionate level, which is also a real pain to the world.

Mental advancement

Mental advancement has decreased a lot in terms of being affectionate to own relatives and neighbours. The mental advancement has only increased in the scenarios of getting more selfish in terms of handling their personal deliverables or accomplishing one’s own personal as well as official targets. With respect to personal targets, the real targets in life set as satisfaction neither doing good for family nor good for the person itself in many cases. This kind of mental retardation is a real retardation to the world at large causing unprecedented middle deaths due to various reasons. People becoming more and more self centric or egoistic in nature has caused huge amount of middle aged deaths. This more self centric and selfish nature is the prime cause for chronic medical issues or sudden suicides in the middle age people. The carefulness, obedience, forgiveness or even simple listening is getting vanished away in terms of mental advancement. Basic culture in human beings, manners to respect to elders, trying to getting into another shoes for issue resolution are decreasing due to inside increase of selfishness, which is causing so much negative vibration to the society hence death to people who need to be groomed. The gap created by self centricness or beign egoistic is the main cause for lacking of emotional bonding between people.

Boon or curse

As mentioned earlier, death itself could not be observed as negative one. It could be boon or curse depending upon. Incase of aged people suffering with chronic health issues death could be boon, but otherwise in all cases death could be a curse. Actually speaking we are planning our lifestyle in such a manner not to live peacefully or amicably. We are really willing to be so egoistic and self centric in each word we speak and each act we do. We are very keen to insist “I” in all things as much as we could. The insisting of “I” in most of us spoils or destroys “we” globally. Every person’s “I” will fight with another person’s “I”, which will never end. When we amend ourselves to “we”, then only the vast fight between one “I” with another “I” will end. If such fight between I ends, then only the human beings can live peacefully. The peacefulness or amicableness will only come when we try to reduce our ego to maximum extent. As mentioned earlier death other than cases of elderly people is curse. Such curse has increased in middle ages which is the global pain.

Creation of Orphans

The death of middle aged people due to emotional bonding created orphans at large. The death could be due to physical, medical or mental issue. Everything could be resolved by being adjusting for the good things in the universe. The pathetic thing is the death of middle aged people leaves their children and aged people at large without any support, hence creating orphans.


The number of people die in their middle age is going at an alarming phase globally. The death could be due to sickness/suicide/accidents but the end result is creation of depended orphans like children and aged people at large. Middle aged people are those who only take care of the entire family. They should address their issues between them and ensure to be sorted out amicably. The addictive dependency in electronic items, showing non dependency nature with spouse/children also creating chronic health and medical issues globally. Actually speaking, we are not showing our ego where it could be shown and avoiding it where it should have shown. We doing vice versa act in terms of egotism. In offices or other places where we unnecessarily bending down our ego for the sake money/filthy adjustments. On the contrary we are showing unusual ego with spouse, children and friends, which is really spoiling our life like anything. The social media, programs in various television channels are really teaching us to boost self ego drastically and to polish septic mind like anything. It is global warning to find ways and means to reduce middle age deaths which is a global pain.


I was born on 08-Jan-1980. I have completed M.F.C and M.B.A (fin). I also started writing poetry in my mother tongue Tamil as well as in English. In my mother tongue capable of writing poetries in few traditional scales of venba, aasiriyappa. In English capable of writing in cinquain, diamante and acrostic forms. Normally use freestyle in my poetry writing in English. I have already published a poetry book Heart Instructing the Mind. I am currently working in a private concern.  I live in Tamil Nadu, India.

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