Story List and Biography
Albert Vetere Lannon
Me and Ishkabibble and the Wild Places
Spreading Holiday Joy
Not Just Another Dead Junkie
True Tales from the Wild Heart Critterarium
I Remember You...
Snake Hunting in South Carolina
Spirits In The Night
Walking the New Jersey Wilderness
My First Theatre Experience
Angela's Children
The Big C and Me - Part One
Gold Fever: Looking For The Lost Dutchman
The Block: Stories Of My Growning Up
Drink. Drank. Drunk. - Came. Came To. Came To Believe
What's In A Name?
The Big C and Me - Part Two
Union Rap

Photo by Richard Loller.
Photo by Richard Loller.

I grew up in the slums of New York, moved to San Francisco when I was 21, worked as a zoo keeper, painter, direct mail worker, warehouseman, union official and labor educator.  Developed an alcoholic taste for red wine and got sober in 1988.  Obtained my high school GED in 1989 and earned three degrees at San Francisco State University – BA, Labor Studies; BA, Interdisciplinary Creative Arts; MA, History.  Published two books of history, Second String Red, a scholarly biography of my communist father (Lexington, 1999), and Fight or Be Slaves, a history of the Oakland-East Bay labor movement (University Press of America, 2000).  Published stories, poetry, essays and reviews in a variety of “little” magazines over the years.  Never made any money from these so am well within your guidelines.

Retired to Tucson in 2001, won awards from the Arizona State Poetry Society and Society of Southwestern Authors.  Wrote for a dozen years for a community newsletter and several local free papers.

Moved to the small town of Julian, California, in early 2020 after stopping chemotherapy for multiple myeloma to live one day at a time and to see that joy in that day, to read and to write, and to end my days wrapped in the love of my darling Kaitlin.

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