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Abbie Creed

The Neighborhood Celebrity
The Giving Light
Childless Mother of Nine
The Red Letter Dishes
A Wish Come True
Diary of a Survivor
Life of a Stool
Cat in the Corner
Death and Dying 101
Friday the 13th - A Blessing

Photo courtesy of the author.
Photo courtesy of the author.

My name is Abbie Creed. I am 92 years old, and a widow who was happily married to my husband for 54 years. We have a daughter and five sons, seventeen grandchildren and are expecting number #21 great-grandchild. Twenty-one seems to be a magical number for me. I am an eighteen-year stage three colon cancer survivor, and a retired schoolteacher. I have been abundantly blessed.

I cared for my husband for 25 years after he suffered from three cerebral aneurysms and had two brain surgeries leaving him wheelchair bound and unable to work. For eighteen years, I taught Religion in my Catholic parish school and for the next 16 years was coordinator of religious education for the parish & school and was mentor for new teachers as well. I was responsible for writing articles for the parish and school newsletters during those years.

Since retiring I have written stories for my children and grandchildren about some of my life experiences and there are many. When I was teaching, I often told stories from my own life and tried to make stories from Scripture come alive for the children. My grandchildren and great grandchildren liked hearing about life in the “olden days” and about their own parents growing up, so when I retired, I began writing some of them down. It has become a good hobby and during Covid, it was a lifesaver.

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