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Yvonne Pipkin

From Farm Boy to Decorated WWII Soldier
My Wonderous Visit Down Under
Polynesian Adventure

Photo courtesy of the author.
Photo courtesy of the author.

Yvonne Pipkin’s passion for writing began with capturing the spirit of Christmas through poetry which she shared with family and friends in her Christmas letters over the past years. She collected these poems and compiled them as an eBook titled, "Collection of Christmas Poems".  Yvonne has been penning short stories since February 2023, which are available on  She resides in Renton, WA USA.  Author of:  Marriage: The 51% Solution provides supportive and entertaining tips in the form of narrative fiction as a model for a happy marriage.  Surrender the Moment is a contemporary romance novel that explores themes of resisting temptation, surviving sexual harassment at work, and coping with grief.

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