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Wassila Aouadi

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

       A short story about a teenager girl  who tells about her life that she  work hard to achieve  her      dreams but she faces many difficulties  and she is trying to stay standing after everything , the girl don't give up.

         An easy and comfortable life like the life of children , this is what most people think but the stage of adolesence  is really one of the most  difficult stages that a person goes through , especially at the present time, a period where the child lives a violent struggle in himself between good and evil,  betrayal  and treachery ,but he also lives love  and safety , joy and pleasure with loyal friends  and loved ones ,it is one of the most  important  stages  of life  as it is  the most  difficult of them .

That's me , i am a girl born saventeen years ago, who seeks to fulfill  her dreams which is to be a great translator, i speak many languages and i love them , i also want  to develop  them because  the only thing  i want at this moment is to fulfill  my dreams, and now that's my story ,although  i am still young and coming  to life but i start to feel tired   after everything  that happened  to me ,anyway i live also ve6 beautiful days  and moments  with my friends  , i know many people and every year their number increased, however  i became confident in a few of them and rarely i felt comfortable  with someone ,one day while i was sitting browsing through one of my old books, i saw a picture which i had token four years ago, i spoke to myself with tears in my eyes:"how beautiful those day were ,but unfortunately  i did not wait for treachery  from her ,she was my best friend", sometimes i feel guilty  and i think  that i make mistakes in all my steps ,there are just one person  who tries to convince  me that i am not guilty of everything that happened, this boy  is according to me as a brother  whose mother did not give birth to him ,he is always  by my side when i am sad before my joy ,he advises me ,stands with me ,he is the bond that i always hold on to ,as he is one of the people  that i trust the most  , next to him i feel safe as if nothing can hurt me  ,and no harm can touch  me  he is the most beautiful thing that happened to me in the recent years that's what i say  when i speak about  him,in addition that's how i feel about him ,as i knew this  wonderful person  ,i lost another one, someone i loved more then myself  ,i was ready to give  him all what i had to stay with me ,after a while  my feelings started to subside  after loving a human  with everything i had  ,loved and drowned in all his details, beautiful or ugly ,i hate him now  and every day my hatred for him increases  because he spoils me with his words  about me and every time he comes back with obscene words and with his unreal stories about me ,he hurts me and  goes away , i have only my friend on my side   actually it let me feel better  , i am really tired of all this  , the last time he comes to me ,i screamed and let out all the words in my heart that had been hidden all those times,  this time he went away from me  and didn't  come back to bother me , i am relaxed now  from one thing  which was disturbing me .

It's been two  full months ,i am happy with my friends  far from the problems  and the sadness  and everyone who hurts me , i live the love and the safety like every normal teenager but that treacherous  one didn't comfort her heart until she hurts me ,and it's  only a short time   i began to feel something strange  going on inside me  , i can't  understand whether it was ,a feeling of anxiety or fear ,i feel this feeling  a lot and no good comes after it ,i stayed in this  state for a whole day ,suddenly  in the night  i received a text message from that girl ,my heart started pulse faster then faster, but i don't  know why ,i opened it and i started to read what was written  in it :" all what i want is your misery ,i hate you and your look ,you ruined  my life  , and i will do everything in my power to make you live in hell and to forget the feeling  of joy for the rest  of your life ", my eyes filled with tears  as i asked myself  what caused  all this hatred  and while i was crying a call came to me ,i answered  on him and i heard the voice of my friend ,i remained silent, the silence prevails between us ,i had  difficult speaking because of my sadness and because of the tears that were in my eyes and the only thing that was in my mind was my fear at the moment of losing my dearest  friends who were my only support in my life  because I know the girl there wants to take from me everything I love  , i hung up without saying a word  ,currently i don't know the reason for this call and i went to sleep ,the next day when i went to school i met him my friend who call me last night, i really consider this boy also as a brother  ,i have seen nothing just the best  from him since i knew him  anyway when i saw him i saw on  his face signs  of anger so i asked what was wrong but he didn't  answer me ,then i asked him why  he had called me and i apologised to him,  he remained silent for a short period afterwards he asked me if i was hiding something from him 

  _I replied softly:" no I didn't hide anything  from you" but i know i am  laying 

  _He asked me for a second  time and said in addition :"ar you sure ?" and here the quarrel began between us 

  _He said in a loud voice:"i don't want  to see you again in front me ,because i know what you did and you lie to me although you know how much this hurt me ".

  _i replied:" sorry but when did i lied to you ,i dont remember once laying to you "

  _ "i know you liked my friend and you were with him for a while " he told me in an angry voice 

  _ "were are the problem ? I can't understand  " i said to him

  _he told me again :" you lied to me ,and you know how much i hate it ,it is my friend i need to know it  " 

  _ i questioned him " who told you ?"  

  _ he said :"  it does not matter " and he goes away from me   

Now i know what's happening, but who told him , i hide this from him because  i know his reaction  , it's his friend  and i aslo know that he will never forgive me  ,it's clear i lied to him , i remained standing and i saw that girl looking at me  and laughing arrogantly ,so i see it's clear she had a hand in the matter  , maybe she told him or something els is going to happen i am not sure about it ,i kept thinking and talking to myself: " should i go to her or leaving it to avoid problems ?" I entered the classroom and sat  but I still get the feeling that this girl is the reason , day after day  and he still  ignoring me ,my calls,and my messages ,every day i think about how to fix the matter  with him , i was hurt to much ,always when i went and ask him  for forgiveness  he ignored me like i don't exist  ,i hate myself for what i had done    

   after a few days i went  to him  and i said with a sad voice  :"  forgive me you know you are like a brother to me  i don't want to lose you "

   He replied :" You lost me, you should have thought about this before you lied to me and now you have to bear the consequences of your action" 

 the tears filled my eyes ,i told him:" but no one  deserves  to be blamed for their mistakes forever"

" maybe you are right , the mistake is when you do not know and you had knowledge in this " he told to me while he was walking

I accepted what happened and he is right in what he said  , i was surprised in the next day he used to talk to me as if nothing had happend i felt so happy , But it worries me that he never spoke to me again about the matter ,once while we were talking  he alerted me and swears to me if i lied  to him again he really will not forgive me ,i agreed and i was very happy because all the things were fixed  , now  live happy and happily with my friends and i remained focused on my dreams which i would like to achieve as soon  as possible, working day and night only to reach the summit one day and say :" here is my fatigue, i have arrived now everyone can see that i have reached the things that they  once said were impossible " 

Days passed and my whole life turned upside down because he got in ,even though i do not trust  anymore  however i don't want to remove him i think i need him really i am not sure about this ,it's like a confused feeling ,  i don't want him to stay away from me ,i just want him by my side ,he is the first person who comes to my mind in the morning  and the last in the night  ,although i am afraid  of a day he makes me cry hidden and silent tears for fear that a gloated  see me after i told him a lot how different he is  from the others ,because i love him with an orphan's heart whose only home is his soul ,even when we fight and i am right  i stand by him against myself  ,i am afraid of the day he will leave me alone after i was ready to give him everything and after i was ready to change for him , i want him by my side when i succeed  and i achieve  my dreams  ,also i want him when i drop and cry ,he is the only one i would never think of keeping him away from me he also kept that vile girl away from me and relieved me of her now he is with me in my life and i hope that he will stay beside me because i really love him and i don't want to lose him ,he live in my soul now  , Even with his presence  i didn't forget my dreams i was working hard  i forgot everything that happend in the past and my focus remained ,two days left until the results that will reveal my career fate ,for the fear i can't eat or drink or sleep  i still thinking what will be if i dont succeed just my boyfriend believe in me  he say always :"i know you can do it ,you can reach everything you want" so after few days  the result cleared up, I kept worrying, waiting, then suddenly I screamed loudly. I did it. I will achieve what I want soon. at that moment, I didn't believe I had arrived ,i called my boy and said to him   :" the day came, here I am.   I became what I wanted"  he cut off the call and send me a message, I will come. I will be there right now. I want to live with you the moment of your joy i am proud of you .

I am proud of myself, my family and my friends beside me and also they are so proud of me and of my achievements How beautiful is this feeling as if all the gates of heaven were opened for me dont give up somtimes life gets herder befor it gets better .                                                                                                                                       

I am 17 years old, was born in Germany, live in algeria now ,study in high school, speak 5 languages and love writing.

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