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Tyrone King
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My name is Tyrone King and I'm 13 yrs old. I love to write and I love money. That's why I joined the writing contest. Good luck to all and I surely do hope I win. That's all I have to say.

Alex lived in New York City with his owner, Mr. George, and Mr. George's daughters.

When he was first born he had all of the attention. Everytime Sally, the owner's older daughter, went to the store she would bring Alex along. Whenever Mr.George would have company he would let everyone stroke the cat and hold her. Then reality hit in a couple of years.

"Dad," screamed Sally in excitement, "can we keep him? Can we?"

"What in the world is going on?" Alex was saying in his mind. "Let me go see what is going on."

So Alex ran down the stairs to see what all of the excitement was about. It was a puppy. "Oh, my god," said Alex. He ran underneath the kitchen sink because that was his hiding spot.

"I surely don't hope they keep that darn dog. Dogs give me the chill bumps."

"Ok. Ok! We can keep it," said Alex's owner.

Sally let the dog walk around the house like she had forgotten that Alex was even living with them. Alex stayed under the sink for a week. It started to get hot under there so Alex decided to come out and surrender. When he ran into the little puppy the dog was scared of the cat because Alex was bigger. The puppy ran. Alex ran too, because he didnt know why the puppy was running.

"Why are you running, little fellow?" said Alex.

"You're going to eat me," said the little puppy.

"Your're supposed to eat me, Dumbo!" said Alex. "What!" said the puppy.

Alex started to think for a while. "What am i saying? The puppy is scared of me so why should I tell him the truth? So Alex kept it to himself. Alex and the little puppy actually became friends. They went on walks together, they also even ate out of the same bowl (which sounds unusual, but was true).

A couple years later the little puppy actually became a big dog. It was time for him to mate. So while Alex was asleep he had puppies. Alex didn't even wake up. The next morning Sally found the dog and was looking at them then she screamed,''Dad!"

Her screaming woke up Alex. , "Not again," he said.

Mr.George came down the stairs and said, "Now what?"

"Can we keep him? Can we?"

"Not again," moaned Alex. He went to his little hiding spot under the sink and went back to sleep.

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