The Endless Path

Trey Branom Dylan


© Copyright 2018 by Trey Branom Dylan

Photo of a sunrise through trees.  (c)2018 by Richard Loller.
Everyone grows up different, some having it worse than others and yes this was my life. Having parents with stability, is all I ever wanted. Luck did not go in my favor, as my parents were worthless. I had dreams I needed to fulfill, but they were holding me back. I had been with this dysfunctional household for eight years now. This is all I ever knew, and it was starting to impact me as a person and the human I wanted to become.

Even though my name was Dylan, no one seemed to have the desire to discover my name. Poor boy, and nerd became my reputation rather than Dylan. I was eight years old, and struggling to find friends as every child was. I didn’t have the wealth to obtain materialistic items to make me fit in with others. My one pair of jeans, and my raggedy purple jacket from the Goodwill is all I had. It was beyond embarrassing to wear the same cloths seven days a week. 

Can I get some new clothes mom?” 

My mom said,
 No your father needs money for medication”.

I knew what medication meant. As my mom lays there, severely intoxicated and high on who knows what, I was trying to get new clothes. 

As I got older I realized how different I was from everyone else. Wearing Nike clothes seemed to make you friends. I was stuck with cheap walmart shoes that were once white, but now closer to black. I had those shoes for almost 3 years, so they did not fit, but my mom did not care as long as she had her bottle. After a day of being at school, my feet would be throbbing in blisters. I had one friend named Garrett. His mom knew my family situation, so I was always welcomed in there family. Garrett's mom would buy me the things I needed. On holidays my parents refused to buy me gifts, because the bottle and medication was their priority. Garrett's mom would spare a gift for me, and would pass down Garrett’s old clothes knowing my desperate need. I was beyond excited to not wear something different, than my usual rags. Im forever grateful for the kindness this women provided for me.

Garrett and his family shined a light into my life. They gave me hope, and possibilities. My worthless parents could care less where I was at, nor if I made it home from school. I was fed everyday by Garrett's family, as my parents spent all there money on drugs, and substances for themselves. If it wasn't for Garrett's family, i'm not sure if I would be alive today. I can’t express the amount of gratitude and appreciation  I have for that family. 

My normal schedule was walking to school, then going back to Garrett's house for dinner. Garrett's mom would then drive me home, so I didn't have to walk in the dark. One day, as soon as I walked into my classroom I was called into the office. When I arrived at the office, I was approached by a Police officer, and a short women dressed very appropriate. 

Hi Dylan my name is Officer Sharp, and this is Mandy your case worker”. 

I said, Case worker? Am I in trouble?”

Officer said,No Dylan you're not in trouble. We have been notified about your living conditions, and would like to ask you some questions if that's okay”.

As the officer questioned me about my life, I was scared to what it was leading too. Someone had reported my parents for mistreating me. I hated living with my parents, but I never thought as far as leaving them.

Dylan your gonna stay with Mandy a while till we can find you a permanent home”.

I was now in a program called foster care. It was designed for kids like me to have a place to live, until they were adopted. At the time I had no idea what I was about to go through. I was scared for my life and losing my friend. My life was about to change, and I was uncertain if it would be for the good or not. I was fully aware my parents weren’t doing there job to provide for me, but I never thought I would be getting removed from my home. 

The stress and anxiety of leaving my past behind, haunted me. I knew life wasn’t great, but I was content. Living with foster care had advantages as well as the disadvantage. I was now living with other kids like me, going through similar situations as I was. The kids around me weren’t like Garrett. They were depressed and had mental issues. Having anger issues was a common result for lots of these kids, as I witnessed multiple physical fights. You don't know what you have until it's gone. Garrett was my best friend, and now that I didn’t have his or his family’s support, I was lost for words. I was more lost than a dog on a lonely street. 

I was in foster care for approximately six months before things started to change. It was now the month of February, and my birthday was on the twelth. I had began to lose all hope, as living here was terrible. Sleeping in the same room as fifteen other kids, on a cold bunk bed was very soul taking. I began to realize the definition of depression the longer I remained at this facility. Something had to change, and I was losing hope. Why did God do this to me? Why was I placed in a dysfunctional household? These are questions I continued to ask myself, as I discovered everything had to happen for a reason. 

It was now my birthday, and was preparing for the worst birthday in my life yet.

How have you been, Dylan?” Mandy said.

I've been okay”

We have someone that would like to see you.”

My stomach dropped, as I had no idea what to expect. I followed my case worker into a very secluded room to see the person here to see me. As I entered the room, I seen Garrett and his whole family sitting at a table with some paperwork. Garrett's mom gave me a big hug, and she said,

Would you like to be a part of our family?”

This brought a tear to my eye, as I realized who was my family was all along.

Things were now different for me, as I realized I had family with stability, and provided me with love all along. Garrett's mom turned my parents into social services to help me. She knew I deserved a better household then them. Everything happens for a reason, and it took all these years for me to understand that. I know I was just a kid, but I understood more than the average person my age. Growing up around dysfunction makes you idolize, and appreciate the good things around you that much more. Coming from nothing, makes a person understand what it’s like to struggle. It also makes a person appreciate the good things life has to offer, and shows you how not to take advantage of the things you have. 

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