My Little Brown Animal

Trecy Lovie

© Copyright 2018 by Trecy Lovie

Photo of a brown animal.


Sometimes when the urban areas are too populated people who are not well financially are decide to live in the rural areas. I prefer living near the forest more. Do you know why? It is due to the fact that, when you living near the forest it is easier to be able to get fire woods. We uses fire woods almost in everything we eat and do. Even at night, we need some fire woods so that grandpa can be able to able to tell us stories. It is also so cold and dark during the night. Fire woods can be the only source of light that we use.

I’m used to waking up early in the morning. You can say at 4:30am. But I think it is when the sunrise comes when you are about to finish the last task. There are a lot to do. Our village had this popular saying that, “you will rest when you are no longer alive.” In fact, there are some dishes and clothes to be washed, cattle to be fed, errands to go and also breakfast to prepare. When the elder wake up everything must be ready.

 I woke up early to go and search for some fire woods. That is when I met this little animal. It was cute little brown and after carrying it I did not want to put it down. Since I already got some fire woods I was thinking on the way of taking it home without being noticed. My family do not want other animals especially when they bother the cattle that we have. I used some woods that I have and create a shelter for it a little far from our clan houses. I get it some water then I left it there. I was overwhelmed with joy. I was only imagining when it grew up.

I came back home acting normal and do everything I was supposed to do. I drank my porridge so fast that day. I did not even put some extra sugarcane in it as I loved to do. Then after that I found an excuse of leaving and I secretly carried some yesterday’s leftovers. No school to attend therefore I had enough time. On my way I found my friends playing. From afar they were already arguing on which side I would be in. I told them I’m not playing because my parents sent me somewhere. I was wearing sandals so they knew I’m going far. I was thinking about telling them, but then I realize that it should be a surprise.

When I approached the place that I put my little animal I started to run fast. It looked unrest, like it was hungry. Without any worry I gave it my food. It started eating so fast. I also added some water. I wished to stay much longer but I knew the consequences of doing that when I get back home. I had to leave.

From that day onwards I stopped playing with my friends as much as I used to. I also wanted a big share of food especially in the afternoons. I would go to visit it almost every day. As it become stronger the more I improve the shelter. For a maximum of six months it looked like one of the dogs that my parents had. I felt like a proud parent.

One day as it was more comfortable with me, I took it out of the shelter that I built. I started to walk with it around. It had so many furs. I wanted to compare with the furs of other animals. I know what I had to do. I blew a certain whistle. Many dogs respond on that type of whistle. I saw two tails waving to me. Then they started running to meet me. As they came nearer my favorite little animal started to roar, then chased them and in a flash both of them were ripped apart. I was so afraid. I have never seen an animal so aggressive like that before. I was hoping for it not to harm me. After that it went in to the shelter. I only wanted to go home. I did not even close the shelter. I went home with a lot on my mind. I did not tell anyone.

Few days later I heard stories that some children said that they have been seeing a strange animal. I knew it could be any animal. But I thought for sure it was mine when they said it was brown with a certain black scar on the head. They were kids therefore many people did not believe them. I wanted to go back and see if it is still there, but my fear couldn’t let me.

Few months later on some old woman reported to the chairman that all of his cattle have been killed and her son was wounded. The description of which animal does that match with my little animal. I did not want to say anything.

After some few incidents youths in the villagers known as the warriors, started to search for that wild animal, as they called it. I didn’t know whether I do or do not know where it can be at that point. It was later the next morning I heard some noises outside. I asked grandpa what is going on as he was coming in. He told me happily that the warriors found the wild animal. Within less than two seconds I asked if it was killed. He said he do not know but that is exactly what would happen.

Later that evening I went to the place they killed it. I felt really sad when I saw it laying there. A certain young man cleared his throat and said, “It was for the best. It was getting out of control.” I thought of the days I visited his shelter.

It was later that day the villagers were directed in to another area which was not near the forest. At first they disagree as they claimed that the animals are the one who invade their village, hence they should be the one to leave. But after some meetings and education the villagers had no other option but to agree.

I am a writer based in the Africa. My dreams are to become a published author and creative writer once I graduate. I am a writer of some stories of different genres and categories.  I look forward to bringing all of my reader's awareness, kindness, and stories that will make your minds peer into the unknown.

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