Sneezing Monkey

Toqa Yahia Lofty

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Photo courtesy of Pexels.
Photo courtesy of Pexels.

It's a shiny and beautiful day at variance of all this days in this season confess ldon't like winter and also i don't like summer .l prefered the shiny days that have temperate climatically so, i decided to go "Mynamar" mountains north of "Borme " today in the moorning with my friend "John" l prepared the bags becouse, this journey will take more than one day l put food and drinks and some tools means protective to protect our selfs from aby predacious we were used car to the forst in nourth of "Menamar" we upgive the car in safety palce and we contain our way by using our foots becouse of , density of trees so we can't use car more

After an hour or more we were feeled irk so we sited to take rest and have an meal to complete the journey in this time the weather changed suddenly and the sun disapared from the sky , and also we were feeled the strange movement arround us on the threes

We guessed it may be some birds on this tree looking for food their is an abnormal movement what is this ?

It was animal had hollow eyed and heavy hair at the bigaing l gussed it is "GOLARIA"

But, we saw it in the light between the brunches of tree i know that is " Sneezing Monkey"

I made sure when the rain starts with landing i looked more closely and found thing so strange .

It has an upside -nose it causes him to keep sneezing i slowly started to approach him i noticed that he put his head between hi knees .

At first i thought he was afraid of me But when l asked him to calm dowm he said this is innovative method to reduce sneezing .

After a while the rain started to calm down and the monkey took John and I to the place where he lives with his family

In the way to his family l starred talking th him about his favorite food and he said he loves fruit the moneky also told me that he has two children and wife and other friends and they life in this tree then i looked up and found them l see them it's realy beautiful family

They The monkey and his family brought us fruit and it was very tasty. While we were eating the fruit, we heard a strange sound resembling the sound of crying mixed with pain.

Fortunately, we had some medical supplies for the trip. I cleaned the wound and put a bandage on it, but I asked why this was.The monkey replied that he was moving between the mountains and fell on him some of the rocks resulting from the construction work that workers are doing in the mountain

Then he added that it was not the first time this had happened

I asked in amazement, how is that?

The monkey replied that the construction work in the Burma area started some time ago and the construction workers do not care about the animals around them, which caused the migration of many animals from the area. But, this is the safe area for us, so we decided to stay and with our care, but we lost many and many of our friends every time someone goes out to look for food or shelter, he is injured or killed, and he added that they make their own homes and they do not want to see

Which one of us

Although we did not harm any of them, all we need is food and drink and a safe place from the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer

After I heard all the complaints, I decided to help them, but the problem was, how can I help them? From where ever?

I decided to go back to the camping site next to the car again, John and I, to think of a solution to this problem.

I promised the monkey a solution to the problem and left

The next morning, I went back to the excavation and construction site and spoke with the manager in charge about construction workers breaking and threatening the life of a peaceful creature like a sneezing monkey.And just as I expected, the manager did not realize that he was destroying the lives of stable animals here in order to build a new life for humans at the expense of pets

I suggested to the director that we build a nature reserve to protect these animals from the danger of extinction

He promised me that he would study the matter and reply in two days

My friend John said that the cost of building a sanctuary is very high and needs care, so he answers that we have to plan the matter well.

I thought about collecting donations and contacted one of the animal welfare associations for support. They very much welcomed the idea and decided to support financially. Also, there are employees who will take care of the animals.

I rested a little after hearing this news and went back to the monkeys' place to tell them the happy news. Everyone rejoiced and gave us a lot of fresh and delicious fruits.

We all celebrate

After about two days of preparation, we started building the reserve after the manager decided to contribute with us to the construction in order to compensate the animals for any damage that occurred.

We started working immediately after work continued. Try for about two months. Here we celebrate the opening of that reserve that we called Burma Reserve today. Finally, the monkeys will enjoy a comfortable and safe life.

The monkey I met for the first time came in the woods and I went to congratulate

By the happy occasion, but I found him worried, so I asked him why, why don't you look happy?

Isn't this what you wish would happen?!

The monkey replied, "Yes, but I remembered all my lost friends and family. I imagined that if they were with us now, I would have been prepared and reassured."

I was greatly affected by what he said, for the animals feel completely lost and sad like a human being.

And so the day ended with joy and happiness John and I came out and said goodbye to the monkeys and promised them to come again

I greeted the manager and congratulated him on this wonderful work and gave him my number to contact in case there was any problem with the reserve or monkeys

And before we left the place, we found the monkeys giving us some mm of fruit so that we could eat it on the way. We thanked them for their effort and generosity. We left the place and went back to the car and continued the trip to a completely new place in the hope that we would help others so that everyone could enjoy a comfortable and safe life.

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