Lucky and Scooter Lucky and Scooter.

C. Tonya Caputo

© Copyright 1999 by C. Tonya Caputo

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At first he didn't like the intruder. Lucky, of course, ruled the roost. He was an only-cat and he had it good. The food bowl, which was always full of the most expensive cat food made, was all his. The ever-full water bowl, all his. The litter box, his again. Most importantly, his owner was his and his alone. Now, that sweet redheaded girl had gone and thrown a monkey wrench into his life. She had brought home another feline…a tiny yet very loud feline, at that. How dare she? Maybe it was temporary. Maybe she was cat sitting. Maybe she lost her mind and thought two cats were better than one.

Lucky put up such a hissy fuss the invader spent his first two nights behind closed doors, for protection, of course. Lucky slept as close as he could to the other side of the door. He figured he better keep watch over that cat and make sure he stayed where he belonged. On the third day of his visit, the new one was given a name, Scooter. What a stupid name, Lucky thought.

On that same day Scooter was allowed to roam Lucky's house. Sniffing the food and water bowls as if to check out where everything was kept so he could come back later. Scooter then entered the litter box and made his deposit. Lucky was outraged. He chased Scooter out of the box before he had time to cover it completely. At that moment Scooter decided he liked Lucky. Lucky liked to play, he thought. Lucky was fun. Scooter was mistaken. Lucky did not like to play; Lucky liked to sleep…alone. Lucky was at least 2 years older than Scooter and obviously more mature. He liked his space. Lucky was a loner and enjoyed it. Scooter was about to change all that.

Later that night, without so much as a second thought, Scooter tiptoed to where Lucky had decided to take his midnight nap. Ever so gently he curled up next to Lucky with his head slightly touching Lucky's back. Lucky felt something and jumped up ready to pounce. What was that stupid cat thinking? Go play…go sleep…just do it somewhere else, Lucky thought. Determined, Scooter edged closer to Lucky with his nose pointed at Lucky's face. This cat has a death wish, Lucky thought. At that moment, Scooter started licking Lucky's head. Reluctantly, Lucky stood still. He allowed Scooter to clean the one part of his coat he couldn't quite reach. It was then that Scooter and Lucky became more than roommates; they became brothers, united by their background. Both Scooter and Lucky were strays at one time, scrounging for food, desperate for love. It was the sweet, redheaded girl that gave them that food and love, gave them the ability to survive. It was that girl that gave them each other.

My name is Tonya Caputo. This is very short story about two cats in my life. I thought I would share it with you. I am originally from Georgia but recently relocated to California where I live with my husband, Tony, and our two cats, Lucky, 9, and Scooter, 7. Both were rescued from the "stray life" when they were young and both seem quite grateful. I just recently became interested in writing. I'm not sure if I'll continue but I enjoy it and it seems to be quite rewarding and satisfying. I have a lot to learn but I'm willing!

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