Patriotic Day

T. H. Bolware

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Photo with a bible verse.

It was a hot day moving stuff, walking up and down long stairs, trying not to sweat off the makeup off my face. We were emptying out a storage, not just one but two storages! And emptying out a apartment with our family and cousins who had came down a few days prior. The process consisted of loading up a trailer, driving it to our house, and unloading in a little storage room where its metal face was slated, ready to blow away any day. The long process was made fun (and easier!) with the help of our cousins, whom, I shall introduce you to. Oldest one, whom we shall call Nate is a shy, quite, never talks (though we got him to talk a LOT later). Second cousin whom we shall call Janner is a brat, smart but still a brat. Third cousin whom we shall Kalmar, has long hair and has no business because he looks like a girl. Likes math, and chess. There you go now you “know” who our cousins are I will move on with the story. We take a break from unloading things and we were just sitting on our porch trying to cool off. We are talking and doing nothing when my sister suggests we go to the park, which is next door. And we do just that, all five of us starting walking toward the park and we get there we were doing the usuals playing volleyball and all that stuff. Well we take a break we are just sitting in the hot sand this kid walks by about 20 feet away and my cousin Janner shouts to him,  “Hey, do you like playing Minecraft?” The boy says nothing, gives us a weird look and walks on. Fast forward 25 minutes later he walks by again, so we are like “Janner, look he’s still here!” So Janner shouts to kid, “I like your shoes! It was nice meeting you, Alberto!” 

The kid says nothing giving us another weird look and moves on. Now let me say this kid never said his name, and doesn’t look Hispanic or anything like that. But whatever Janner said the mom starting screaming at us and was like, “If you guys have nothing nice to say then just stay at home!! Kids like you should just stay home!! My son doesn’t need this kind of garbage!!” And just keeps on yelling and screaming at us. We just looked at each other like “uh oh, we better apologize” so my sister, Nate and I (while Janner sat behind a pathetic tree) ran to where the lady was at and started apologizing to her she was really nice and said “Oh thank you, I am glad you apologized” and she even threatened to send her 16 year old to beat us up. Which I think she was bluffing, but you never know. We thought she would be mad, but thank God she wasn’t. I told you this story because I don’t want you to be stupid, it could kill you. God doesn’t want us to be making foolish decisions in our lives. And Yes, God will still use those mistakes as part of his plan as it says in Proverbs 16:4 

The Eternal made everything for a reason. Even wrongdoers fit in His plans; troubled times await them.” So I just wanted to say don’t be foolish with your life, I care about you. Even though I never met you and you are probably like “how can she care about me she doesn’t know my past” or “I’m to sinful to become a Christian” that is like a obese person saying I can’t diet because I’m too fat. Well no, diets are designed for overweight people. We can’t save ourselves, we need Jesus because we are sinners. I don’t want to see you in pain because of the bad decisions you made. Now let me say we all sinned, we all have made bad decisions in our lives. Even though we sinned against a Holy God and broke His Law (that is the Ten Commandments), God became a Man to pay our fine. Jesus suffered and died on the cross (taking our punishment upon Himself), then He rose from the dead and defeated death. The Bible says ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.’ That means (because your fine was paid 2,000 years ago), God can legally dismiss your case. You can walk out of His courtroom—He can let you live forever, because He’s kind and rich in mercy. 

In order for you to be saved you must ‘repent’ (that is turn from your sin) and trust in Jesus (like you’d trust a parachute). If you have never repented and trusted alone in Jesus for your eternal salvation, please do it today, you may not have tomorrow. If you have a Bible at home please read it, thank you for reading my story. 

I’m T. H. Bolware. I live in Colorado, I am a Christian. I’m new to writing and not that great. I write poems sometimes. I love reading, especially C. S. Lewis. I love my cats. 

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