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Terry Mulcahy
Snowballs  With Syrup
Breaking Down Carnivals
The Kilala
Ocean City Took My Breath Away
Sugar Babies
South Valley Sweat
The Things I Did To Survive
Photo by Alexander Nachev on Unsplash
Photo courtesy of the author.

Born smack-dab in the middle of the last century in Baltimore, Maryland, I can say smack-dab because I’m old. I worked as a tech in a University Physics lab after high school, which helped pay for night school classes there. However, I left Baltimore to travel. I rode my bicycle around the United States and Canada, worked for a carnival in the Midwest, and then a bronze foundry in Arizona. Eventually, I settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico in December of 1976. I was a hod-carrier for a time, then worked with rats in Cancer Research. I then worked for a company making PC boards, and then back to the University to work with proteins, amino acids, and DNA. When I retired from that, I worked for a winery, which was much more fun. The winery closed, so I work on movie sets as an extra, and study acting. I write and read poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. No one has ever paid me for that, but that’s fine. I enjoy telling my stories.

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